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How Many NYC Police Officers are Women?

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March is Women's History Month, and since this account focuses on everything and anything related to NYC, how about we talk about the city's gender statistics? In particular, how many of New York's police officers are women?

I don't think gender affects how good or bad one completes their work as a public servant. But numbers are quite interesting, so let's see the statistics.

NYC's Police (in Numbers)

Regardless of gender, there are a total of 34,957 police officers in NYC. That's almost 35 thousand, in a city of 8.8 million people.

If we were to separate them by gender, 81% are male, while 19% are female (as of 2022). This breakdown may seem unfair, but you need to remember that more and more women are joining NYPD. In 2014, only 14% of officers were ladies.

Female Officers Around the Country

If we review the America-wise statistics, NYC's numbers are pretty high. According to Statista, only 13.1% of police officers in the United States are women. It's fair to say that New York is doing quite well.

Massachusetts has the lowest percentage of female officers compared to the overall police force: only 5% of police officers are women.

Other Statistics

If we look at other statistics, here are a few interesting facts:

1. The average age of a male officer is 40.1 years. This number isn't much different for females as it sits at 39.7 years.

2. The average salary of a male police officer is $71,622 yearly. The figure is much lower for female officers: $63,656.

3. Despite it being a male-dominated profession, almost a third of police chiefs - the second-highest rank in the police force - and women.


In my opinion, gender shouldn't be a priority. Having that said, we shouldn't take away opportunities from people based on their gender. I'm sure the number of female office officers will increase every year in NYC and around the country.

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