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What are the High-Paying Jobs in New York City?

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Have you ever wondered what the highest-paying jobs in your area are? There are 10 cities that are considered the highest-paid in the United States. And naturally, New York City, the city with the most population in the entire country, is one of them.

But what professions are the highest paid in NYC? Thankfully, the Internet can answer that question.

Top 30 Jobs in NYC by Salary

This resource compiled a list of the top-paying jobs in New York City. When you look at the top 10, it doesn't surprise you what they are:

Surely, CEOs and other high executives are number one. Anesthesiologists take the second stop, and I find it interesting how both they and dentists have a relatively modest starting salary. Six out of the top 7 paying jobs in NYC are medical professionals, which isn't surprising at all. Number 8 caught my attention: financial managers! I'm not a manager, but I'm in finance, and I'd love to have a yearly salary of $215k. But I suppose it comes with experience, and I'm not even 30 yet. The next 2 professions are doctors too.

What about the next 20 spots?

They are dominated by different types of managers, lawyers and pilots. Curiously, Athletes made the cut!

Spots from 20 to 30 Aren't Much Different:

It's doctors and managers again. "Regular people" who are just starting their careers or didn't get a chance to go to college probably won't make as much money as people on this list, apart from, possibly, the operations and purchasing managers.


If I were 15 and deciding what classes to take in high school and what I wanted to take in college, I would study this list closely. After all, if marketing or finance is something I like, I would totally go for it. Evidently, financiers and marketing folks can potentially make a killing.

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