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How Many People Abandoned NYC Because of COVID?

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The coronavirus pandemic affected many of us. Our health, the way of living, careers, financial situation - you name it. Life has changed in many aspects.

I heard a lot of noise at the beginning of 2020 that people are fleeing from large cities due to being able to work remotely. If you reside in an ultra-expensive town, there is very little need to stay there unless you absolutely love it or have a good reason to stay, such as family and close friends. My goal is to leave my megacity in the next 12 months.

But how many people really left the Big Apple? Did folks pack their bags and abandon New York? NYC is known for its culture and community, so it's hard to imagine many New Yorkers saying "screw it" and moving to other cities or even states. So let's look at what the official statistics are saying.

According to Newsweek, around 216,000 people left the metro New York area in 2020. Metro New York is home to just under 19 million people, so those moving away represent only 0.5% of residents. However, it was balanced out by births and international immigration, so the change wasn't noticeable. In fact, the source above claims that NYC's population grew by 0.23% from 2020 to 2021. And according to Curbed, more people have moved the city than before.

So, did New York lose its locals? Absolutely not. As always, some folks moved away, but others swooped in to take their place. It's hard to imagine a city like NYC to stay empty. Have you ever tasted their local bagels and street pretzels? Yep, the city probably won't see a sharp population decline any time soon.

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