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"Tulsa Remote" Program Pays Americans $10,000 to Move to Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Disclaimer: This article isn't sponsored or affiliated with "Tulsa Remote" or any other organization. The content is for educational purposes only.

Have you ever considered moving to a different city, especially somewhere with a nice community and excellent weather? It's currently -13 degrees Celsius (or 8 degrees Fahrenheit) where I am, so I would surely prefer a city with a much better climate. It turns out, there are cities in the United States which would pay you to relocate as a remote worker or a self-employed individual! And Tulsa, Oklahoma, is one of them.

This special program is called "Tulsa Remote", and it's created and sponsored by the local government. Long story short: you can get $10,000 cash for moving to Tulsa full-time. And 1,400 people already took advantage of the program and moved to Tulsa in 2021.

The Program Eligibility

Naturally, there are certain requirements you need to meet in order to receive this grant. According to the program's website, they are as follows:

1. Can Move to Tulsa Within the Next 12 Months.

2. Full-Time Remote Employment, or are Self-Employed Outside of Oklahoma

3. 18+ Years Old

4. Eligible to Work in the United States

I think it's pretty reasonable, eh? If you're looking for a new home and Oklahoma is on your radar, why not?

How to Get $10,000 Cash?

Their website doesn't provide a payment schedule, but you won't get $10k in one shot. Here's what their official source is saying:

"We know remote arrangements take planning. We'll give you some money to help with relocation expenses, a monthly stipend to keep things moving and the rest when you've finished the first year."

Therefore, it sounds like you'll be getting some money upfront to pay for relocation, then monthly payments will start going through, and a chunk of the money will come in after 1 year of living in Tulsa.

There is also a Homeownership tab that indicates that you can get the full $10k as a lump sum payment if you purchase a home in Tulsa. I glanced over the properties they have on the website, and they aren't crazy expensive.

Other Benefits

The program also includes several other benefits such as:

1. A vibrant community of people that keeps growing.

2. Co-working space for remote workers and entrepreneurs.

3. Special housing dedicated to the "Tulsa Remote" community in heart of the city.

I got an impression the city is trying to attract new residents, in particular young people, who are flexible when it comes to working conditions and who would be willing to grow roots in Oklahoma. I snooped around the fertility rate by state, and Oklahoma's rate was 63.4 compared to 71.7 back in 2005. Not to mention, it's on the lower end compared to other states.

So, it shouldn't surprise you that Tulsa is looking for people to relocate and become a part of their community - possibly even start a family and stay in the city for a long time. And this program seems to offer great incentives to do so.

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