Wendy's Roasted People on Twitter on the National Roast Day

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Wendy's profile via Twitter

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Do you like Wendy's food? Everyone has different opinions on it. But one thing you cannot argue about is Wendy's has an amazing Twitter following. It's known for witty replies and probably being the funniest fast food profile online. You may not like their chicken, but you surely love their Twitter posts (even if you don't want to admit it).

On January 12th, Wendy's reminded everyone it was a #NationalRoastDay and offered Twitter users to tweet at them and ask to get roasted. Their post read:

"It’s #NationalRoastDay™ .Drop the “roast me” below Down pointing backhand index. Oh, and don’t forget to get free medium fries with purchase, in the app. Gotta do something with all this salt."

People started submitting entries, and while some may have seemed underwhelming, others were on point:

Wendy's profile via Twitter

Many celebrities and famous organizations submitted requests to get roasted, as witnessed by the blue checkmarks near their names.

Some lesser-known and regular people got replies as well:

Wendy's profile via Twitter

I don't know if Wendy's has beef with beverage companies, but I got that impression:

Wendy's profile via Twitter

Wendy's profile via Twitter

All and all, some roasts were pretty harmless and funny:

Wendy's profile via Twitter

And then others were pretty mean and kind of savage:

Wendy's profile via Twitter

Wendy's profile via Twitter

My favourite one was the restaurant attacking Ross Caruso's hair:

Wendy's profile via Twitter

All and all, it was fun to read what the fast-food giant had to reply to others. I hope they don't get in trouble as their replies are sometimes too harsh, even on a regular day. But there is the reason Wendy's has 3.8 million followers - because those people follow them for juicy replies like today.

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