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Who is the Richest Person in New York?

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Have you ever wondered who the number one rich person in your city is? What about your country? And how about the entire world?

But what if you live in the wonderful city of New York and the curiosity is killing you, and you want to know who's the richest person in your city? Who has the money to buy the Empire State Building? Probably figuratively speaking, as the building isn't exactly for sale. All jokes aside: who's the richest NYC resident?

My first guess would have been Rupert Murdoch. My second one would probably be the Trump family, but it didn't make the cut. Who is it? Let's look at the famous names on the equally famous buildings - what about the Rockefeller family? They should be the wealthiest ones, right?

Wrong. It turns out, according to the 2021 rating, the richest individual in the entire New York is Michael Bloomberg. It shouldn't come as a surprise, as the man owns the Bloomberg LP - a financial, software, data, and media company, one of the biggest in the world. Michael Bloomberg isn't just the number one person when it comes to wealth in the city, but also took the 20th spot of the richest people in the entire world as per Forbes. Bloomberg has a long list of business ventures and political activism, including NYC's mayor from 2002 to 2013. With a net worth of almost $55 billion, it's no surprise the man is a part of the world's ultra-wealthy club.

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