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Crime in New York: How Does NYC Compare to Other Cities?

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New York City used to be a scary place to reside in, especially in the 70s and 80s. This drastically changed over the years, and NYC is quite a safe place to live now. But how does the city compare to other cities around the world?
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When we look at the United States, NYC doesn't score too well. According to these statistics, out of 182 major American cities, New York got 99th place in terms of safety, crime rates and other factors. It's not too bad, right? NYC is right in the middle of the list. However, this resource ranked the home and community safety separately, and New York is number 124 out of 180. That's not impressive at all - as a potential resident, I wouldn't feel completely safe living there.

But is it really that bad when compared to the rest of the world? "The Economist" can answer that question. The publisher conducted a study of major 60 cities back in 2019 when they used the following factors to determine the city's overall "health":

1. Personal security.

2. Digital security.

3. Health security.

4. Infrastructure security.

New York scored in 15th place with an overall score of 85.5 out of a maximum 100. On the personal security scale, it got the 30th place, which is exactly in the middle. It's safe to say NYC isn't the safest place globally, but it's "average" when compared to other mega-cities on the planet.

So, what can we conclude? NYC is an amazing place, and while the crime rate isn't at zero, it's a particularly dangerous place to live in - unless you reside in one of these areas.

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