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Starbucks Opened Its First Cashier-Less Location in NYC

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Have you ever felt envious of people living in cities where Amazon has its Amazon Go technology? I have. I wish I could just walk into Amazon's store, grab what I want and leave without getting out my wallet or swiping my card. It's fast and convenient, not to mention an interesting experience!

But it turns out you don't need to have an Amazon Fresh location near you. The company has been supplying their technology to other companies, and 2021 became the year Starbucks said "yes" to trying out the tech giant's superb invention. One of their New York locations became the testing ground this winter.

A Starbucks location on East 59th Street between Park and Lexington avenues now offers a cashier-less experience. You can purchase food, snacks and beverages by simply walking into the coffee shop, grabbing what you'd like, and walking out. The location still has employees present, as someone has to make your coffee, but there is no cashier. You place a coffee order, take your beverage, grab whatever you wish from the shelf - and walk out. That's it!

I wish I could do that. Sadly, we don't have locations like that where I live. But is it good news for current Starbucks employees? The technological progress has been taking jobs from people, and Starbucks seeing its employees trying to unionize, doesn't scream, "let's keep our workers and decline the tech which will help replace them." There is a chance the company will try to substitute isn't staff with the new tech marvels.

But regardless of their motivation, the main point is, introverts can now skip the awkward chit-chat with the cashier and get their drinks and food on the go. Yay!

Note: the article isn't sponsored by Starbucks, Amazon or anyone else.

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