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Two Girls Supposedly Bought Banksy's Art for $60 at NYC Subway

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@colalex via TikTok and @worldofpau via TikTok

Two ladies, @worldofpau and @colalex, posted videos on TikTok sharing they paid $60 for art presented as Banksy's at a New York subway earlier this month. Banksy, a famous street artist mostly known for his graffiti art and unique stunts such as shredding a painting during an art auction, lives an anonymous life, and no one knows who he is. His art is sold for millions of dollars, with 16.8 million GBP (or 22.4 million USD) being the highest amount paid so far.

Why would anyone expect ultra-expensive artwork to be sold at a subway station for $60? It may sound insane, but Banksy has done that before. Some artists are known for being eccentric, and Banksy isn't an exception. Since there was a precedent in the past, I can totally see why someone would assume this may be real and pay $60 for a painting sold on the street (or underground).

User @worldofpau starts her TikTok saying:

Ok so I'm either rich or I got scammed.

It's a funny way to put it, and I appreciate the self-awareness. The girl isn't delusional about purchasing the real Banksy's art, and she accepts possibly being scammed. She took a chance and is aware of this most likely being a lie. Her TikTok has got over 1 million views so far, and even if she doesn't have monetization on, I believe it can help her with her social media presence and give her future opportunities.

The other TikToker, @colalex, got 7.5 million views with her video, which means she can almost quit her job and become a social media influencer at this point. Regardless of the monetization feature on TikTok, I believe that $60 was money well-spent, and the ladies will turn it into online success.

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