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Someone Returned a Book 111 Years Late to a Library in Idaho

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Boise Public Library, a library in the city of Boise of Idaho, recently reported that one of their members returned a book a little more than late - 111 years late, to be exact. "New Chronicles of Rebecca," a novel was written by Kate Douglas Wiggin, was originally checked out from the library back in 1910 and hasn't been since then - until November 2021.

The library posted the following on their Facebook page:

"New Chronicles of Rebecca - originally checked out from Boise's Carnegie Public Library in 1910! - was recently returned. With a fine of two cents per day for 111 years, whoever checked out this book would owe $803--thank goodness the Boise Public Libraries are now fine free!"

Can you imagine owing $803 dollars to the library? At a rate of only 2 cents a day, it's an exorbitant amount of money! But thankfully, the late fees were suspended in 2019, so there is no fine to be paid for a late return of the book.

Narcity reports that, according to the library's employees, even if they wanted to slap the responsible party with a fine, it wouldn't be possible. The book was checked out such a long time ago, all the paper records identifying who checked it out were lost.

What was the reason for holding onto the book for so long? Did someone decide to re-read it a few hundred times? Or was the novel so good? I blame the short memory and lack of tidying up. Someone probably borrowed the book, buried it in their home and forgot about it. And now, many decades later, their grandchildren finally decided to go through the endless boxes of old stuff at the attic and found the book. Mystery solved!

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