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You Can Drink Beer with Sea Lions at the Bronx Zoo

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New York City is home to more than one zoo, with the Central Park Zoo being a popular one. If you ask me, the Madagascar movie is to blame for this, but hey, I'm sure there are other reasons people visit that place! After all, we all love animals.

One particular zoo has a very special event they host every year. I'm talking about the Bronx Zoo creating the "Brew at the Zoo," which takes place every September. You get to enjoy the animal exhibit from 5 to 6:30 pm, and then the drinks start flowing in - beer, wine and cider. There are plenty of food trucks to complement the beer, and the event includes games, arcades, live band performances and a DJ. The zoo also offers to purchase a VIP ticket that gives you access to:

- The beer hall where you get to sample craft beers

- A magical performance from magicians

- A special Brewtique

- Karaoke with beer and Grizzly bears (hopefully, just near their pavilion but not inside the cage - just kidding!)

I don't know about you, but I'm usually more excited about the animals I get to meet. In September this year, you got access to the butterfly pavilion, the Madagascar pavilion, sea lions pool, mice, replies pavilion, zoo center and Grizzly pavilion during the event. I love sea lions and lemurs, so I would totally enjoy drinking beer after visiting them.

"Brew at the Zoo" also has a playground where you can play games, a retro arcade area, Trivia games, carnival games, and my favorite - Bug Carousel. You get to ride the carousel while sipping beer! That's amazing.

I haven't been to the zoo while visiting NYC, but I may add it to the list of places the next time I'm in the city. The 2022 event dates for "Brew at the Zoo" aren't listed yet, but I would keep checking the website if I were you!

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