What Starbucks Drinks are Popular in US Cities?

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Starbucks is a worldwide known coffee brand that is adored in the United States and cherished around the globe. There are over 15,000 Starbucks locations in the USA, and it has a substantial presence in many other countries, such as China and Canada.

But what is Americans' most popular Starbucks drink? Is it iced coffee? Is it vanilla bean frappuccino? Ranker conducted a study, and it has the answer to this question. They asked people in major US cities about their favorite Starbucks drink, and the results are in!

The Most Popular Starbucks' Drinks: Result

City: Boston, MA

Most popular drink: Iced coffee

City: Charlotte, NC

Most popular drink: Skinny latte

City: Chicago, IL

Most popular drink: Blonde Roast

City: Denver, CO

Most popular drink: Tea Latte

City: Los Angeles, CA

Most popular drink: Frappuccino

City: Memphis, TN

Most popular drink: White Chocolate Mocha

City: Minneapolis, MN

Most popular drink: Latte

City: New York, NY

Most popular drink: Pike Place Roast

City: Omaha, NE

Most popular drink: Mocha

City: Philadelphia, PA

Most popular drink: Blonde Roast

City: Phoenix, AZ

Most popular drink: Iced Caramel Macchiato

City: Portland, OR

Most popular drink: Eggnog Latte

City: San Antonio, TX

Most popular drink: Frappuccino

City: San Diego, CA

Most popular drink: Green Tea Frappuccino

City: San Francisco, CA

Most popular drink: Soy Latte

City: Seattle, WA

Most popular drink: Extra Shot of Espresso

City: Tampa, FL

Most popular drink: Iced Coffee

What About Other Cities?

The study only included the major American cities mentioned above; they didn't conduct questionnaires in smaller cities or towns. Without a doubt, people in many other places love their coffee and visit Starbucks as well.

Obviously, Starbucks isn't the only coffee shop in the United States, nor does it have a monopoly on the market. There are other popular coffee places Americans love and appreciate.

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