Which State Leads with Starbucks Locations?

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Starbucks is a popular coffee place for many Americans. Not only it's famous in the United States, but in other countries too. I reside in Canada, and I love to visit Starbucks once in a while. Some people have doubts about spending $5 on coffee, but I don't mind doing it once in a while - after all, Starbucks is known for huge cup sizes, delicious beverages, and their Christmas drink selection is remarkable.

But how many locations are there in the United States, and which state holds the title of the most Starbucks-loving one? Let's find out!

How Many Starbucks' are There in the USA?

There are currently 15,328 Starbucks locations in the United States. This number has almost doubled since 2005 and compared to Canada, which has 1,603, that's a lot! Another interesting fact about this coffee chain is, according to the 2019 statistics, Starbucks' sales are 231% higher compared to Dunkin Donuts, which takes 2nd place on the list; and almost 3,000% compared to Tim Hortons, that's number 3. But then, you guys don't have too many Tim Hortons' locations in the States, unlike Canadians do. In Canada, Tim Hortons is almost a religion!

So, Which State Has the Most Starbucks Locations?

You shouldn't be surprised by the answer: it's California. Is it because it's the most populous state in the country? Probably. My guess is because Los Angelos is the cause of this, as so many valley girls love their iced caramel macchiato with low-fat, gluten-free, cruelty-free, negative-energy-free exclusive edition banana milk; two and a half shots of espresso made with positive vibes and in the presence of unicorns; caffeine-free and locally sourced cold brew; with extra but not too much extra lactose-free cold foam. What can I say? Los Angelinos love their coffee.

New York City, however, wins the prize for having the most Starbucks locations in one city. I would make a joke about New Yorkers, but they are reasonably close to me, and I don't want anyone to throw a Pretzel or a pizza in my head, so... I'll keep my comments to myself this time.


Starbucks is an excellent choice if you're looking for coffee, and it has many locations worldwide. Today, we learned that Californians and New Yorkers are the leading populations in Starbucks' beverages.

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