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A Secret Hidden Bar in New York City You Should Visit

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Do you like visiting unique places and getting access to exclusive spots in mega-cities? We've got you covered! Next time you're in New York, or if you happen to live there and don't know about this secret spot - consider visiting "Please Don't Tell". It's a secret - or more like not-so-secret, since many know about it now - bar in East Village which you can access by calling an orange payphone in the phone booth near a hot dog store called Crif Dogs. Once you get inside the booth, dial 1 and you'll get connected to the reception which would allow you to book a table. You'll enter "Please Don't Tell" through the same booth, similar to how wizards entered the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter movies.

"Please Don't Tell" is an old-school speakeasy-like establishment known for its atmosphere of secrecy and for bartenders with excellent mixology drinks. The bar used to be a best-kept secret a while ago, but now they have a website and a Yelp page with over 1,800 reviews. The overall Yelp review is 4 out of 5 stars with many people praising the quality and taste of cocktails and the main complaint is how difficult it can be to get in. The frequent visitors suggest making a reservation at 3 pm, otherwise, the average wait time is 2 hours.

The address of this establishment is 113 St Marks Pl New York, New York. The original plan was to keep this place hidden from others, but since the veil of secrecy has been lifted a long time ago, I'm sure the owner wouldn't mind if you suggest this bar to others upon visiting. NYC has many bars, restaurants and other interesting places to offer, but some consider "Please Don't Tell" to be a true city gem.

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