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Burgess Modern + Contemporary is pleased to announce the representation of Rex Hausmann. The artist’s work has been exhibited at the 53rd Venice Biennale, The Smithsonian Institute, The McNay Museum, The Spencer Museum of Art, The Sheen Center NYC, The Institute of Texan Cultures and The Lawrence Art Center, among many others.
Rex HausmannCourtesy of Burgess Modern + Contemporary

In affiliation with Rex Hausmann's highly anticipated gallery representation, his premier with Burgess Modern + Contemporary will coincide with the Hamptons Fine Art Fair 2022 in Booth # 220.

Contemporary artist Rex Hausmann is a San Antonian, who started his art education at UTSA (University of Texas San Antonio), graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) on scholarship with a BFA in painting (2006) and an MFA in painting (2016). Rex has also lectured nationally and internationally, appearing in many speaking functions including the renowned TED Talks with the TEDx San Antonio at Trinity University, McNay Museum of Art, The San Antonio Museum of Art, and The University of Texas at San Antonio as well as The Spencer Museum of Art. He has spoken on National Public Radio many times across the United States discussing his unique approach to art, his community, and his own genre of Meta-Modernism.

Hausmann is most inspired by Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Akira Kurosawa, George Melies, Antoni Gaudi, Tom Sachs, and Daniel Buren. These literary, cinematic, and visual artists are all storytellers, like the artist who bases most of his thematical concepts in American, French, and Chinese theory.

Hausmann’s art is colorful, accessible, and autobiographical, as he tries to speak not only the language of the art world, but to everyday people as well. Highly influential in Hausmann’s artwork is the underlying trauma of two near death experiences from being shot in the leg at point blank range during a senseless gang initiation in Savannah. Georgia. The artist suffers from PTSD from this horrific experience, however his use of neon colors and heightened sense of hues for his signature palettes are directly derived from this life-altering experience.

The artist has provided a summary of the painting: Notes on: “Family Ties: Notes from Mason” from How to Paint a Cactus Mason, Texas, 2022.

"Sir Winston, as in Sr Winston Churchill was a painter. He said that painting “curbed the black dog”… and kept his mind going...Have not Manet and Monet, Cézanne and Matisse, rendered to painting something of the same service which Keats and Shelley gave to poetry after the solemn and ceremonious literary perfections of the eighteenth century? They have brought back to the pictorial art a new draught of joie de vivre; and the beauty of their work is instinct with gaiety, and floats in sparkling air. I do not expect these masters would particularly appreciate my defence, but I must avow an increasing attraction to their work.” - Sir Winston Churchill

As I painted the tree of Mell and Lisa with Kyle and Rachel friends of many many years … it became increasingly hot outside. “My God it’s Hot!” … Mason County can get HOT. Startin the day in my maroon track suit in honor of Churchill’s “painting onesee” … I remembered Churchill painted in a large hat … Rachel said “Mell has one, Maybee you can baroow it”… I then said thank you, needing a reprieve from the Texas heat of the afternoon … on the painting I left a note “In Mason Texas you start to understand the need for big ranch hats, cold drinks and a chair and shade”. This is what I myself needed … and was granted as I painted out the back of my pick up truck or “twuck” as my little nephew Peanut calls the F250. We then spent the rest of the afternoon under a 400 + year old oak … we drank tea and some Mexican Cervesa … and laughed. This is the thing of painting.

Mel said this: “This is the painting our artist friend, Rex Hausmann, did of our giant 400 year old Spring Oak, "Ella." God only knows how many names she has had over her lifetime for centuries. But I named her after my sweet Grandma Ella.”

Special thanks to: Kyle Martin and Rachel Yount Martin and your hospitality, to Mell Polk for the hat and Lisa Polk and Mell for great hospitality and the honor of painting your tree. For this is the subject of paintings."

(Disclaimer: Misspellings and typos are intentionally left as part of the artist narrative). His published writings on his work reflect his Dyslexia.


Rex Hausmann | “Family Ties: Notes from Mason, Texas” from How To Paint a Cactus

2022 | Acrylic on linen on hand-made oak stretcher | 77 x 62.50 x 2 in

More information on Rex Hausmann can be found on the website at

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