I think California plans to pay $640 billion in reparations despite having a $22.5 billion deficit.


Thanks to capital gains and government relief for COVID-19, the Land of Fruits and Nuts had a $100 billion surplus in 2017. The state now faces a $22.5 billion budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year due to the fact that it also has administration and all of that money has been spent.

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California is the state in question! Officials in California intend to pay $640 billion in reparations as they look into the face of an impending economic catastrophe.
How will this be paid for by the state of California? Even though they don't know, they seem complacently confident that Whitey will hand over the cash.

"In 2020, the United States Census Bureau documented approximately 2.251 million black individuals living in California, of whom 1.8 million had at least one ancestor who was a slave," the Washington Examiner reported on Monday. It would cost $648 billion to give $360,000 to each of these individuals, and California Governor Gavin Newsom has never said how he plans to collect that amount of money. He will need to increase taxation because it is obvious that he won't find the money on his own.
But what can he do when this causes the already-intense rush of sane people to flee California to accelerate? Will he erect a wall to barricade the country, as his ideological forebears in East Berlin did? Will he tax those who have fled California, as California "lawmakers" — or, as they refer to themselves in this context, socialist thieves — have already vowed to do?

How will the funds be distributed, too? When you start working with actual individuals, things quickly become complicated. What about the offspring of blended families? Will someone get $180,000 if his mother is Caucasian and his father is black? Will someone receive $80,000 if he has two white grandparents and two black grandparents? Will you receive $40,000 from one black grandparent? I am familiar with a man whose Genetic test revealed that he is 1% Congolese. Does he possess $3,600? Could Elizabeth Warren receive $351 for her alleged 1/1024 percent Native American ancestry if California were paying money to individuals with Native American blood?

Will California ultimately enact nuanced racial laws a Germany to determine who receives and doesn't receive the benefits of this budgetary bonanza? Will the odd racial designations from the Old South (such as "quadroon," "octoroon," and similar terms) reappear in California, this time as a badge of honor signifying how much fortunate black blood one has and, consequently, how much of the taxpayer's generous handout one deserves? A drop of black blood used to make you a second-class person in the bad old days. It will soon be a gravy train pass in California.

The California Legislative Analyst's Office's chief fiscal and policy analyst, Chas Alamo, "appeared at the Reparation Task Force's second in-person meeting, in which he proposed further steps that could be taken to fulfill the reparations plan," according to The Examiner. Chas Alamo's name recalls an epic defeat that this reparations scheme will eventually rival. He suggested a number of options for the task force to consider in order to enact reparations into state law, including the founding of a new organization to manage reparations payments. According to Alamo, "Other options exist, but the creation of a new agency would be started through the governor's executive branch and reorganization procedure.

Regardless of the route taken, in order to launch a new agency or implement any other suggestion that modifies state law, the governor must sign it after receiving approval from both chambers of the state legislature.


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