Affiliate marketing: How to start your affiliate program

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is, where you promote or recommend the company’s product or service, and in return, you get the commission on that sale that you promoted. The commission is based on any percentage of the price, and sometimes it can be a fixed amount.

Why should you do Affiliate marketing?

As we are living in a modern world where social media has become a big power. Some people use social media for their entertainment purpose and some use social media as their profession and makes money from their own comfort zones like working from home.

Any regular office job requires you to be at the workplace to make money, on the other hand, affiliate marketing offers you to make money while you are in your own comfort zone work from home and you can make money while you sleep. You don’t need to offer any customer service. In affiliate marketing, you will never have to deal with customer support or their satisfaction. Another reason you should do affiliate marketing is that it is very low-cost. Most businesses require a huge amount to startup their businesses but in affiliate marketing, you can start at a low cost.

How to start doing affiliate marketing?

It is so simple and easy to start affiliate marketing. There are some steps you have to follow;

1. Choose the niche and industry:

The first step is you have to set your mind on what kind of industry you want to work for like fashion, medical, IT, engineering, etc. Always choose what you are interested in.

2. Create your Website:

The second step is to create your own website with the proper domain and Webhosting. There are so many options where you get the domain and hosting at very cheap prices.

3. Join the Affiliate program:

There is so many affiliate program you can join. Find the best affiliate programs with gives you a good commission percentage. After signup the affiliate program you have to generate your link.

4. Choose product or service:

After joining the affiliate program now you have to choose the product which should have a good commission. As a beginner, I suggest you ignore the good percentage as a newbie you have to learn so much about marketing. For example, if you choose a makeup product then you must have proper knowledge about that particular product.

5. Create the content on your website:

Create any content or article you should behave creatively. Creative writing is the backbone of any article. Write a creative blog in which you can write a review about the product or can you write describe the product and why should people buy this product. Your content must be high-quality. Don’t copy-paste. After writing attach the generated affiliate link to your blog.

6. Drive the traffic to your website:

After everything is done now the main last step is to drive the traffic to your website. You can drive traffic through social media, great SEO services, and rank your site by using the best keywords.


Without any hard work, there is no success. No one can become successful overnight Affiliate marketing takes time. Focus on your goal, believe in yourself, lean and polish your skills, and do hard work. This is how you became a successful affiliate marketer and make a handsome amount of income.

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