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Have a pampered day with holistic wellness and treatments at an affordable and exquisite place in Dallas area

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Dallas has plethora of spas and retreats but finding the right one is often daunting, especially when you need something that is more than just unwinding. Healing is an art and it starts from finding the right therapist! Massage Bliss & Cryo is a family owned small business that offers everything you need with professional therapists and chiropractor that have several years of experience.

Massage Bliss & Cryo, Sachse, TxSasa Fleitman/ Massage Bliss & Cryo

Massage Bliss & Cryo is located in Sachse, Tx about 30 minutes from Dallas downtown, owned by Sasa and Jon Fleitman. It is truly a hidden gem and will leave you very satisfied with your therapy session. It looks like a small shop on a busy road, but the moment you step in, you will feel such serenity and clamness from the cozy ambience, aroma of essential oils diffusing in every room and soothing music. It is just what you need from a place where you go to relax and to heal at a very affordable price. They are one of the rare finds that offer everything at one place, including chiropractic services and cryotherapy.

They also host parties where guests can relax and have a pampered day togetherSasa Fleitman/ Massage Bliss & Cryo

CryotherapySasa Fleitman/ Massage Bliss & Cryo

"We offer everything to help holistically heal the body.  From all types of massage therapies- Swedish, Thai, Cupping, Body wraps, prenatal, and more, facials and body waxing to cryo facial- microdermabrasion/peels, anti-aging, acne treatment, eyelash/eyebrow tinting," Sasa told NewsBreak.

"Cryo facial uses cool temperatures to tone and restore skin and elasticity and creates a tightening effect on the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. We also offer Cryotherapy in which a blast of cold air below freezing temperatures for about 2.5 minutes helps in healing. It works by reducing blood flow to a particular area, which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain, especially around a joint or a tendon or muscle soreness. Also, we have a chiropractor on staff with over 30 years of experience. We are the only place in Texas that offers all of these practices in one shop, which is what makes us different. And all of this is at an affordable price," Sasa added.

They are a one stop shop for all therapy needsSasa Fleitman/ Massage Bliss & Cryo

Sasa was raised in Thailand where she had her own small business prior to 2004 right on the beach. Then in 2004, a tsunami took it all away. She had to start off new again. She went on to get her massage license and her teacher saw a ton of potential in her and recommended her to a five-star hotel for a massage therapist position. "I loved my job as a therapist but always knew that I wanted to start my own business again," Sasa told NewsBreak.

Sasa Fleitman, co owner of Massage Bliss & CryoSasa Fleitman/ Massage Bliss & Cryo

She met her husband, Jon in Thailand and she followed him to their new home in Texas. He encouraged her to do some more schooling and to get her license. In 2017, Jon quit his job, took out their life savings, and then went all out and opened Massage Bliss & Cryo.

"At first it was very difficult, but we kept pulling through. In 2019- 2020, our business finally started to do well and we started getting more customers and started to make a name. Then Covid- 19 pandemic hit and we had to shut down, even when we reopened people were afraid to be touched and we were barely able to stay afloat. This is when we decided to bring in a Chiropractor and that helped tremendously and now that we are getting back to normal there is an increase in clients," Sasa told NewsBreak.

Sweedish Massage with hot stonesSasa Fleitman/ Massage Bliss & Cryo

The most popular massages at this place are the Swedish massage with an aromatherapy or CBD lotion or hot stones. Chiropractic adjustments are always great. They offer Cryotherapy with Normatec compression therapy. Cryotherapy is able to significantly reduce pain in people with arthritis, after a good workout it can help alleviate muscle soreness, and it can help reduce inflammation.

"Cryotherapy heals through freezing temperatures from -148 degrees F to - 256 degrees F, by decreasing the internal temperature you force your body to increase blood flow to the torso to insulate and protect all the vital body organs. Once you step out of the chamber, a lot of oxygenated blood starts to rush to the body organs which help in the healing process and can even help you lose some weight as well as increase muscle recovery," Jon told NewsBreak.

"We do offer holiday- type specials of all sorts for massages, facials, and some package deals for both cryotherapy and chiropractic services. People are healed differently, in the case of massages, you heal through the help of moving the blood flow through your body and it helps to flush out any toxins," Jon added.

Massage Bliss & Cryo was severely impacted by the pandemic. "My whole business was affected, including my employees. We were forced to shut down for a little bit and when they allowed us to open there were strict rules we had to follow and customers were still hesitant about coming in. Business had slowed down immensely and we sent out discounts and monthly coupons of the sort just to try and keep afloat. Everyone wore a mask, our stations were sanitized after every customer, all employees got vaccinated, we kept minimal people in the front of the store to minimize proximity. People were not too happy but they dealt with it, some people hated to wear a mask on their face while getting a massage. Somehow we pulled through," Sasa told NewsBreak.

Massage Bliss & Cryo survived through the pandemic despite the challengesSasa Fleitman/ Massage Bliss & Cryo

But things are turning around for their business now that everything is opening back up and people are opting to take such services again. One thing that has helped them survive is the kind of experience and healing they offfer- one of the best! "Now that everything is starting to normalize again, we have received more guest reservations and willingness to come back. People can sit and talk to our friendly staff for a few minutes more and not feel pressured to get out or wear a mask," Sasa added. 

Many businesses have suffered during the pandemic and small businesses have taken a greater hit. This business is everything to Sasa and Jon and their family. There is no doubt that they put so much efforts to offer the best services in the industry and do what it takes to succeed.

We can support small businesses by buying from them, by opting to take their services and by spreading the word, especially when their services are phenomenal. Even a share on social media helps big deal. I have personally experienced their services and I was really impressed. They now have a returning customer!

Address: 8040 Woodbridge Pkwy #600, Sachse, TX 75048

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