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This non-profit coffee house in Dallas area offers quality coffee and more; gives all proceeds to help feed children

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The one thing that most of us need every single day, a cup of coffee, can make such a huge difference. Apart from being local to Dallas area itself, this coffee house also sources the best and high quality coffee beans that are locally roasted. Yes, the coffee that they serve is that fresh! Set in a chic ambience, serving fresh coffees, smoothies and gourmet pastry, this coffee shop is a perfect place to hangout, do business meetings or even to take coffee on the go! What is a better reason to have a cup of joe than to help support a non-profit coffee house with such a great cause! Dallas has so many hidden gems but a non-profit coffee house is our favorite kind!

Awaken Coffee House is located in the heart of Garland, TxEmily Crawford/ Awaken Coffee House

Awaken Coffee House serves high quality coffee, smoothies and gourmet pastriesEmily Crawford/ Awaken Coffee House

Awaken Coffee House, located in Garland, Tx, just a few miles from Dallas, is established by Lavon Drive Baptist Church. "Awaken’s design and purpose came from the continuing vision of Lavon Drive Baptist Church. LDBC was founded in 1962, and since then has worked tirelessly to be a team player to our community in Garland and the surrounding areas of Dallas. Creating Awaken gives us an opportunity to create a beautiful space for our community, while at the same time creating an impact globally that is changing lives every time someone stops in for one of our premium coffees, smoothies, or a gourmet pastry," Emily Crawford, Operations Manager of Awaken Coffee House, told News Break.

"The Awaken Coffee House is completely non-profit. Currently all proceeds are going to a charity called Deeply Rooted Grounds, located in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Since we opened in December 2020, we’ve already been able to provide over 30,000 meals to children in need. We will continue supporting Deeply Rooted Grounds exclusively through 2021 and as we move into our 2nd year of operation, we will identify other organizations, both locally and globally, to begin supporting as well," Emily told News Break.

Awaken Coffee House sources locally roasted coffee beansEmily Crawford/ Awaken Coffee House

The charity that Awaken Coffee House supports, Deeply Rooted Grounds, has feeding centers across the country, feeding children in need and also those who have been abandoned. For every dollar of profit the coffee house makes, they provide a meal to 4- 6 children. The most exciting thing is the tracker on the wall where you can actually see how many meals they were able to provide and how much of a difference every dollar that we spend at the coffee house has made. The number goes up every week! How fun it would be to visit every week and see how much it has changed from the previous week!

Awaken Coffee House serves variety of flavors of hot and cold lattes and moreEmily Crawford/ Awaken Coffee House

A non-profit coffee house like Awaken coffee house, is not at all hard to support. It only requires a minor shift to where you get your daily coffee fix from and just seeing how much difference it can make, is rewarding in itself!

"Just the fact that we’ve been able to provide over 30,000 meals to a charity in Nicaragua is a startling testament to the heart the Dallas community has for others. We are so excited to continue seeing that number of meals rise as we move forward!" Emily added.

Although the pandemic has given a slow start to most businesses and has challenged every aspect of a new business, Awaken Coffee House has opened an opportunity for the community to come together and help a great cause. While most new and small businesses have suffered in pandemic, non-profits have even lesser opportunities and resources to market and spread awareness of the great work they do. They need all the help and support from their local communities to succeed!

"We launched at the end of 2020, so I’m sure there will always be things that could have gone differently than they would have in a normal year. However, I think COVID made everyone take a look at what they’re contributing to the society, and see what they could do to make an impact on our world. And we’re here to provide an opportunity to make a difference simply by making a shift where you get your daily pick-me-up!" Emily told News Break.

Awaken Coffee House serves gourmet pastries made by their chefEmily Crawford/ Awaken Coffee House

Running a non-profit often sees more hindrances than a for- profit business."One of the challenges is that since we are a non-profit, due to city code we are unable to place any permanent signs outside our building. So we rely a lot on moveable signage, word of mouth, and social media to let people know where we are, and let them know that we are serving some of the best coffee in the North Garland area!" Emily told News Break.

Awaken Coffee House serves fresh and locally sourced coffee that tastes better than many major chain coffee shops. And the chef prepares some mouth watering gourmet pastries. "I say that not to sound conceited, but we have intentionally sourced some of the highest quality product available. Our beans are roasted locally here in Dallas, which I love since we’re able to support our community, but also means that we serve a fresh, premium coffee and espresso. So we are continuing to work on sharing our location and our mission, we’d love to see our numbers keep rising as to how big of an impact our community can make on the world!" Emily told News Break.

Awaken coffee house is a great hangout spot and also a perfect location for business meetings so close to Dallas and other office areas. They have a little play area within the shop so that moms and dads can sip on their mom-fuel while kids play. If you need your coffee on the go, they also do curbside pick ups!

They serve everything that you would find in any other chain coffeee shops. The customer favorites are mocha frappe, birthday cake grappe and chai frappe. The also serve fresh smoothies like mango, four berry and strawberry banana. They also serve cold brews and a variety of flavors of iced and hot lattes.

Address: 1520 Lavon Dr, Garland, Texas 75040


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