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These baked desserts in Dallas area are just as good as they look, deliciousness wrapped under beautiful creations

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If there is one thing that totally impresses me about food in Dallas, it is our Southern love for desserts! From professional home based creations to top notch Food Network winners, we have plenty of amazing bakers in the city. So picking a favorite bakery shop isn't an easy task! Delicious, soft, spongy cakes, mouth watering flavors and neatly decorated, over-the-top artistic baked goodies does it for me. And of course, affordable! I'm not talking about the kind of cakes you buy at grocery stores. I'm talking about the fancy kind, the unique, colorful, custom, Instagram-worthy creations that impress your taste buds at every bite and leave you wanting for more!

Desserts by Miss. HotcakesShurooq Tamimi/ Miss. Hotcakes

Dallas based bakery, Miss. Hotcakes owned by Shurooq Tamimi, has become a Dallas staple to those many. Shurooq's talent shows through her unbeatable and professional artistic designs. You will easily fall in love with her creations just scrolling through her Instagram page.

Shurooq Tamimi, owner of Miss. HotcakesShurooq Tamimi/ Miss. Hotcakes

"When I was younger I would always bake something nice and offer it to others. I used to bake brownies and give them out to school, just to see what everyone would say about them. I bake for fun. I love it, it’s a great stress reliever," Shurooq told News Break.

"I never found it in me to ever start a small business until my sister pushed me like she never did before! She asked me to simply start a small business and see where it takes me. I never knew that I had in me to be where I am today. I always thought no one would love my stuff enough to buy," Shurooq is stoked at the response she has received ever since she started.

Dessert box by Miss. HotcakesShurooq Tamimi/ Miss. Hotcakes

We found the name of this bakery to be euphoric itself! Shurooq said, "The name Miss. Hotcakes came from my dad who is also my biggest support. We were trying to think of a unique name and he just instantly said 'hotcakes'! My sister and I then just added a 'Miss' and that gave birth to Miss. Hotcakes!"

Miss. Hotcakes is yet another business born during the pandemic when so many big brands were forced to shut down. It takes a great mind to see an opportunity amidst world crisis and a great entrepreneur to take the plunge!

Shurooq Tamimi, small business owner and bakerShurooq Tamimi/ Miss. Hotcakes

Shurooq told News Break, "COVID is what started my business! I was sitting at home with nothing to do other than baking! I started an Instagram account and here I am! It was definitely challenging to start and there were times when I just wanted to give up. From all the positive feedback I get from my customers and all the love I get from everyone, I push through to give my best and keep going!"

Mother’s day desserts by Miss. HotcakesShurooq Tamimi/ Miss. Hotcakes

And now that life in Dallas is coming back to normal and businesses are 100% open, there are going to be more events. This will allow Shurooq to gain more customers and grow her small business.

Dallas has plenty of bakeries, both big and small, and it is a tough competition for small businesses to grow. When it comes to supporting a small business, especially with such talent, we like to help them sustain in any small way that we can. Even a small purchase boosts their innate confidence into their business to keep going.

Desserts by Miss. HotcakesShurooq Tamimi/ Miss. Hotcakes

"Honestly the Dallas market is tough. It has been tough to put my small business out there but it’s never not possible! There are so many bakers who do the same as me with a small business of their own. I love to see other bakery businesses, I love to see what everyone is building as a small business of their own. Miss. Hotcakes isn’t just a bakery, it’s a small business that stands with every other small business struggling to grow! I love to inspire and help others!" Shurooq told News Break.

Beautifully crafted Eid desserts by Miss. HotcakesShurooq Tamimi/ Miss. Hotcakes

Our personal favorite from her bakery is her custom chocolate breakables with strawberries and fried oreos. Shurooq also added, "I pride in my baked goodies that are made to perfection. I never like to hand over an order unless it is as perfect as I think it can be. My customers come first. No matter any circumstance, their smile after seeing their order is what makes me happy!"

Fried Oreos by Miss. HotcakesShurooq Tamimi/ Miss. Hotcakes

We love to have a bakery that prides in perfect designs and flavors in Dallas and that would go above and beyond satisfy customers. Miss Hotcakes serves Dallas area by delivery and pickup at 3 locations; Rowlett, Garland and Richardson.

For more information, please visit:

Instagram: @miss.hotcakes

Facebook: @miss.hotcakes

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