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South Asian restaurant, Adda By Jimmy's, in Dallas area is all set for its grand opening and it's nothing like the usual

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Dallas is a hub of several different cuisines. When it comes to trying spicy foods, South Asian restaurants are the first on our list. Those mouth watering masalas are everything! What if the spicy South Asian cuisine marries the world cuisine to create some wondrous dishes? An 'Adda' is born! Adda, located in Richardson, just a few miles from Dallas, had a very successful soft opening a few weeks back and is all set for its grand opening in coming weeks.

Adda restaurant, Richardson, TexasFawad Lakhani/ Adda restaurant

'Adda' is literally what it means, a 'hangout spot' of world class cuisine. Adda brings the food cultures of both South Asia and America together to create and share an immigrant's dream. Just like when kids of immigrant parents are raised, they learn to celebrate both cultures and they belong to both. Adda hopes to accomplish that with their wide variety of dishes which takes into account the yearning for the familiar spices of home, such as Nihari sandwich (pulled beef infused with spices and cooked with spices) Chicken tikka mac and cheese, and chapli sliders (a mince meat patty with bone marrow and some of our special spices, served on mini brioche buns).

Adda has very innovative menu and strikingly innovative names for their dishes that are a fusion of both cultures in themselves! They offer street foods that will take you to the streets of India and Pakistan. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used and all food is prepared in ADDA’s very own kitchen. Their flavors are firmly rooted in South Asian food, with influences from around the world, resulting in adventurous, delicious dishes.

Delicious menu by AddaFawad Lakhani/ Adda restaurant

The co- owner, Fawad Lakhani, believes that the world's cuisines are more similar than different, and celebrate how various signature dishes, worlds apart, have striking similarities.

Fawad and his family lived in New York for 25 years. They owned a cell phone business in NYC and Brooklyn and had five stores, known as 'Unique cell phone accessory stores'. But due to the pandemic in the past year, they were forced to shut down. That's when they decided to move to Dallas in February 2021, in search of an opportunity. and then they met Syed Bilal from Jimmy's.

"Our ideas matched, and we were able to connect on a vision for Adda. Bilal Bhai was introduced to me as the king of food in The Dallas Area. A couple of months later, my family moved to Dallas as well. As a Pakistani- American, my children and I have found it difficult to connect on food. While I value traditional South Asian flavors and yearn for the tastes of home, my children have more of an American choice in food. With Adda, we have tied together with the familiar flavors of home with an American twist, such as our tandoori mac and cheese, karahi tacos and nihari subs, and many more," Fawad told Newsbreak.

Delicious menu by AddaFawad Lakhani/ Adda restaurant

Like any new business in these times, they were very hesitant to open their restaurant amidst the pandemic. They were initially set to open in February and ended up opening in early April. "Our delayed opening gave us time to prepare and take the necessary precautions to bring our customers the tastiest food with safety in mind. We require masks while being on the premises and provide hand sanitizer to all guests to make sure they feel safe. COVID did seem like an opportunity while other businesses had to shut down due to the virus. This gave us the time to prepare for our opening. As more vaccines were made available, we decided to open up," Fawad said.

Adda had a very smooth and successful soft opening and we hope that they continue to serve the best innovative South Asian food and customer service through their grand opening, which is around Mid-May.

They have, however, seen a different foot traffic here in Dallas compared to their experience in NY so far. "We see many differences in market trends here versus in New York. For starters, there is little to no foot traffic here in Dallas. This is a massive difference from NY market, many businesses prospered solely off of their location. Here we have to make an increased effort to market for people to come to our restaurant without being in the area or walking by it already. The dense population of New York gives most businesses publicity by just being in the City," Fawad told News Break.

He also added, "Texas is a bit more laid back with their COVID restrictions as we in New York did struggle due to the strict mandates causing us to have to close our business. Dallas has also been a great choice to us financially."

Adda restaurant, Richardson, TexasFawad Lakhani/ Adda restaurant

Adda takes South Asian cuisine from a whole different perspective than it is usually presented. Fawad said that the food will not only display the traditional cuisine but also put a modern touch to the dishes. "Like the previously mentioned Nihari Sub, some items will make the classical dishes easier to eat as our lives become increasingly busy. Nihari is usually a dish that takes a long time to eat, but the dish's flavors are so exquisite you wouldn't want to miss out," Fawad told News Break.

Our favorite from Adda is their signature Matka Chai that has also been a favorite to those who have tried. Matka chai is a flavorful Kashmiri Chai served in clay pots, just like the authentic tea in India and Pakistan. If you prefer to try another authentic dish or if you are a vegetarian, try their dal- chawal bowl (Lentils mixed with rice) which is a popular dish from most of the traditional South Asian mom's kitchen.

Matka Chai- Chai served in clay pots by AddaFawad Lakhani/ Adda restaurant

"Here at Adda, we want to encourage our Dallas community to enjoy our wondrous dishes while also revealing to the world how tasty dishes of Indo-Pak descent really are," Fawad said.

Adda Restaurant:

Address: 744 South Central Expy Suite #230, Richardson, TX 75080

Website: www.theadda.io

Instagram: @addaeatery

Facebook: @theaddaeatery

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