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Dallas based resin artists explain the new resin home décor trend that gained popularity since the pandemic

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Resin art has been here from several years but resin art home decor gained popularity since 2020. The trend has given new business opportunities to creative minds and has allowed so many people to turn their passions into revenue generating businesses. There are many resin artists local to Dallas who ceate beautiful masterpieces from canvas art to furniture, countertops, trays and coasters. Resin makes home decor pieces stand out and look so elegant!

Erika Bauer and Thornton from Artist Till Death Studios, located in Dallas, paint everything from photo realistic portraits to abstract murals. They also teach resin art. Erika from Artist Till Death studios told Newsbreak, "People love resin art pieces because of the beautiful depth that can be created.  Fluid art has a very calming effect on many people and the colors you can use are endless."

Resin coasters and tray styled in glam decor styleNeha B/ https://www.instagram.com/the.momhood.tales/

Resin coasters Neha B/ https://www.instagram.com/the.momhood.tales/

Home Decor Trend 2020:

Farmhouse decor style that has been here for several decades, is slowly fading out as interior design focus is now shifting to neutral, gold and glam decor styles. The beauty of Dallas homes is not just the size, but also the versatility it offers in its design, layout and quality, that can easily fit any of these decor styles. New construction housing projects from urban style apartments to modern townhomes and stylish homes, Dallas offers something for everyone. As a home decor enthusiast myself, I love having home furnishings, that are flexible and can be changed to match current trends without tearing it all apart and costing too much.

Here's two ways the same resin poured charcuterie board has been used by @the.momhood.tales in two different home decor styles:

Resin poured charcuterie board in a neutral home settingNeha B/ https://www.instagram.com/the.momhood.tales/

The same resin poured charcuterie board in a glam home settingNeha B/ https://www.instagram.com/the.momhood.tales/

Resin home decor pieces easily fit into gold, glam or even neutral style. And the versatility they offer in colors, patterns and what you cast into them makes them the best choice to have a custom piece.

Thornton from Artist Till Death said, "Trends will always come and go. What that means for the resin world is that the colors and patterns people would like to use may change. Specifically for this trend, you will probably see more resin work because of the beautiful shine and the glitter effects you can add to resin; it just fits with the glam look perfectly.  Resin art looks expensive and glamorous."

Artist Till Death Studios create beautiful resin countertopsThornton & Erika/ Artist Till Death

Pandemic 2020 and resin art:

Amishi from Artbeat Unfoldings in Dallas creates a range of eye catching resin home decor products in her home based studio. "I think staying home this past year, got everyone's creative juices flowing and besides with with social media, it is easy to learn, whether its the Instagram stories, tiktok videos or youtube tutorials. COVID took a lot from our lives but also helped us learn new ways to get creative," she told Newsbreak.

Resin bookmarks by Artbeat UnfoldingsAmishi/ Artbeat Unfoldings

While COVID has caused many businesses to shut down, the pandemic has also given birth to different business concepts. More and more people have found ways to make money from home. With so many vacation plans cancelled, many people around Dallas have invested into home projects whether it is a massive renovation or interior decorating.

"I do think that covid played a role in it.  People had more time to start a new hobby. It could also be that people were looking to generate some income selling their resin art.  It takes less time to really pick up resin art than it would oil portraits, for example.  We have many students that came to us to find a new artform because they used to be an artist in another medium but for reasons, had to give it up, Thornton fro Artist Till Death, Dallas told Newsbreak.

Resin masterpiece by Artist Till DeathThornton & Erika/ Artist Till Death

Resin art while is easy to acquire, it is also therapeutic. Just what the year 2020 needed. "Some of our students have had a stroke, or arthritis, or some other limited mobility and can no longer create in the ways that they were used to and turned to resin for their creative release.  Some do it for therapy because it is calming," added Thornton.

Learning resin art:

Just like any other masterpiece, resin creations vary from artist to artist depending on the skills and creativity they use. Amishi from Artbeat Unfoldings said, "Resin art is not an easy job and if you want to create a perfect piece then it takes a lot of learning to perfectly blend and find colors and color combinations that work together."

Erika from Artist Till Death told Newsbreak, "We teach resin classes online, in person here in Dallas and we do art tours. We have done 3 across the states and two across Australia.  Some people catch on quicker than others definitely. For resin art specifically, I think it is easier to master than many because it has a lot to do with how you feel and move the resin rather than spending time trying to draw a face with proper proportions (for example).  It is just easier to make colors flow together than to try to make a drawing look exactly like a reference." 

Beautiful details on resin masterpiece by Artist Till DeathThornton & Erika/ Artist Till Death

Thornton from Artist Till Death added, "From my time teaching resin artists, many report that the hardest thing is just starting, mixing the resin together for the first time.  It is certainly not a cheap artform and people are afraid of messing up and wasting resin, when the reality is, there is no failure.  You either make an awesome piece of art or you learn ways to improve for the next time. There is a current wave in the resin art world of people doing trays, coasters, tumblers, wine caddys, molds and keychains because they are small (takes less materials), fun, relatively easy and are always beautiful and unique. I would definitely say that it is quicker to learn up to a level that you can create sellable work in resin over many other hobbies/crafts."

Resin art classes by Artist Till DeathThornton & Erika/ Artist Till Death

Resin art home decor is expensive:

Resin home decor businesses in Dallas picked up more with the trend that started rising since the pandemic. Many people started selling from their home based studios, while bigger brands also started selling a wide selection of attractive resin accents. These popular home accents are, however, expensive unlike other home based creations. "It is time consuming and very easy to ruin a piece just like any art. Epoxy resin itself is expensive and so are the add ons like fine glass, gold flakes, colors, beads etc. Being an expensive craft, a lot of people price their best pieces higher just so they can support their hobby," Amishi told Newsbreak.

Erika from Artist Till Death said, "My larger paintings take hundreds of dollars in materials to complete, let alone the time and space I have to dedicate into creating it.  It's easy to lean on cheap materials during tough economic times but I would hate to sell a piece to a client only to have them return it to me in a couple of years because the whites have yellowed due to using cheap resins.  We only use the best materials to create our clients resin artwork that will last a lifetime."

Epoxy art is time consuming, from mixing and pouring in molds to making sure the bubbles don't ruin the piece, you have to check every few minutes for a couple of hours. Each piece takes about 24- 48 hours to cure. "And then you need to add finishing touches, sanding out the edges which is a long process. If you want a perfect piece, you have to sand from 120 grit all the way to 6000 grit to make sure the quality and transparency stays intact," Amishi from Artbeat Unfoldings added.

Resin masterpiece by Artbeat UnfoldingsAmishi/ Artbeat Unfoldings

Custom pieces with resin have also gained popularity where you can cast anything from a flower to any little keepsake into epoxy that can make such pretty gifts! Another beautiful outcome with resin is wall artwork that is set with crystals, diamonds, glitter, crushed glass pieces and made to shine through the beautiful color combinations that flow and blend to create a charismatic effect.

The beauty of resin home decor pieces is also that each piece comes out unique. "Even if you use the same epoxy in same mold and the same add ons, every piece will blend in a different way," Amishi told Newsbreak.

Dallas is a growing hub of artists and when it comes to resin art we have definitely found our favorites! Given the size of Dallas homes, we have such opportunities to display the trending resin art pieces around our homes and give it that alluring touch of current trend.

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