Remote jobs for stay at home moms: Are companies doing enough?

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Are you a stay at home mommy with zero regrets but have felt under appreciated and less valued more than you would like to admit. Women don’t always need flowers to show them their worth. Sometimes an acknowledgement in the real world can do wonders. No matter how globalization has changed the old ways of working, there are still relatively fewer remote jobs for SAHMs and fewer companies who even accept SAHMs for remote jobs.

Mommies who want to stay home to raise their kids, often end up with side gigs or small businesses that earn them small income because companies won't flex their working hours.

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I received a connection request on LinkedIn couple of days back. The gentleman is a recruiter who wrote to me that he ‘liked’ my profile and wanted to know if I am looking for a change. I wrote back saying that I am a stay at home currently and would be interested in any remote job positions that I qualify for. Of course the thought behind was hopefully balance work with kids, as I am sure many mothers wish to.

My current availability, of course, comes with a clause. I don’t want to put it out there but I have to. I chose the SAHM life and I cannot thank my husband enough to have supported me the way he does. We both think that it is what we need for our babies and our little family right now. It is a mutual decision that we see fit for our situation.

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But somehow in this modern era where women are known to be doing it all so well and men who say they empathize, not many companies are still open to the idea of working remotely. They think this combined with a stay- at- home- mom role can result into a straight failure because that’s how little they think of SAHMs.

I choose to be a SAHM despite having two masters and a ton of work experience. I did not choose to be a SAHM because I had no other way. I am skilled, I am professional, I could be an asset to the company, but everything aside, I am identified as a Stay At Home Mom. What makes it hard though is how companies fail to recognize your worth beyond the years spent at home raising the kids.

This gentleman on LinkedIn read my response (thank you read receipt), made several posts after that but did not have the courtesy of replying even if it meant no. It is so demeaning, so disrespectful and so unprofessional. Needless to say I would never want to work for such people anyway.

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“My education and work experiences have made me into what I am as a SAHM and SAHM life has made me into what those qualifications and experiences couldn’t!”

Yes I am a SAHM but I have skills, experiences and qualifications beyond that. And since the time I stayed home, caring for my little babies, I have developed more skills than I had in all these years of my professional career. And I am so glad to say that this #SAHM knows more than the gentleman recruiting.

SAHMs are not ignorant women who lose a part of their cerebrum because they are cleaning poop and running household chores non stop.

They are those women who develop multitasking skills like no other job profile would teach you.

They don’t need makeup, they are needed for their abilities.

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Have you seen anyone working round the clock, multi tasking, watching someone with two eyes in front and two at the back, with least amount of sleep, least amount of self care, least number of demands, least number of regrets, but most focused. If this is not the highest productivity you can get from someone, I don't know what will!

Maybe one day we will truly become overcome the barriers of holding women back and embrace the flexibility of working situations of women. We can hopefully create a world where raising kids is not an obstacle to women's career but an open gate to opportunities,

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