The aftermath of Texas winter storm- better or worse?

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Texas SNOVID got us good but it feels like we are slowly making it to the other side. It isn’t how we imagined it to go but these curveballs don’t stop coming at us, do they?

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The first day at the beginning of the little flurries we were so thrilled to see snow here, stores ran out of sleds (for real!). We learned to make a snowman, yes, are you even a Texan if you know how to make a snowman?! And we geared up without any real gear to play in snow, take cute pictures and soak our eyes in its beauty! We did play in snow, but we also played in cold, we took pictures but also of the broken pipes and leaking walls, and we saw the beauty also soaking into the carpets and furniture of our house.

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We were asked to move snow from near the house and we came out with rakes and brooms to clear up snow! Many of those who have lived in extreme temperatures, even for a few years, did not know any of this that we just went through.

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Nothing we did seemed enough. Dripping faucets still lead to frozen pipes, so now they say leave cold and hot both faucets open. Who knew Texas has an independent power grid that will fail upon us in these times? Thousands of residents struggled to keep themselves warm. Some burnt wood in their fireplaces while some made use of their grills in backyard. Some used cars to keep themselves warm. But soon stores like Kroger and walmart ran out of gas. The road conditions had made transportation to the DFW metroplex hard and the supply became limited.

Many flights were cancelled to and from DFW airport. Many grocery stores turned power off to their freezers. Furniture stores opened to house more people to warm up.

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Many many primates and birds are frozen to death. Several hospitals cancelled non urgent surgeries due to power and water shortage.

Texas never has temperatures like these. We don't have snow tires, snow plows, snow clothing, salt trucks, snow tires/ chains, basements. In fact, we have Texan homes that have large windows, many skylight windows, reflective roofs to keep our homes cool in Texas summers and we don't bother much about the weather stripping on doors.

Thousands of home owners in North Texas face the wrath and havoc caused by the winter storm. Houses are flooded with water and have become inhabitable. The power is back in most of the houses after days of rolling blackouts and power outage for days in some areas. But those who lost water are still waiting on the damages to be fixed. As the temperature rises, the pipes are thawing causing more pipe bursts and more flooding in the houses.

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The plumbers of the city are fully booked on their schedules and many are left without any services at this time. The stores are still out of essentials and food and water.

Well, COVID taught us to wash hands more and snow taught us to conserve more.

Many areas of the city continues to remain on boil notice. The cities have asked the residents to boil water before any kind of consumption except flushes. People have started to get outrageous electricity bills.

As the snow is melting and temperatures are rising, the roads have become drivable as of Friday afternoon, making it easier for residents to make grocery runs only to find out the shelves are empty. At least they can get food from restaurants that are now open after days of remaining closed.

There have been many hospitalizations and deaths from hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning from burning wood as residents struggled to keep themselves warm.

Not sure how many days we got to live like this, in despair. We have had enough and so have our kids and it may look seamless, but it is so not. There are people who have gone through the worst. And the aftermath has just begun.

Some have had it only become better since Thursday but for some it has only gone downhill. It is heart breaking how this week has quickly turned into a turmoil of a lifetime.

We are broken, not just the pipes and it will take more time to fix that. Please keep Texas in your prayers.

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