NEWS FLASH: Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life 2 to premiere soon?

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Who wants the Gilmore girls back? Say 'Aye'! If you thought Amy Sherman-Palladino has kept you long waiting for the sequel of A Year In The Life, you are not alone! It has made all the Gilmore girl fans wonder if the story has ended so abruptly and if we will ever know what happens to Rory once she breaks the news of her pregnancy to Lorelai.

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The truth is that when this revival was released on Netflix in 2016, the show turned into a revelation of a story plot that many viewers could not fathom. The biggest bomb being a huge change in Rory from what they had left behind in 2007, when the final season was aired. Rory’s relationship with her long time boyfriend, Logan, the one that the fans adored so much, had relapsed into what came across as a ball of gambits. Lane was seen to be the most predictable part of the story but Rory and her friendship had taken a strange face, while Paris was seen to be, well, Paris!

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The best part that was hearted by their million fan following was the ever so dreamy wedding of Luke and Lorelai, that had the viewers in happy tears. The wedding was nothing less than a fairy tale and if you did not predict “I smell snow” on their wedding day, are you even a fan?

As much as the fans are waiting for the sequel to this Netflix special, they were very disappointed to see how this one unfolded. However, Amy Sherman- Palladino says that the story line is not a hindrance to the part 2. And we do believe, that they can plot their new story from tons they left us at in part 1. After all, Rory’s unpredictable pregnancy news in itself can be a huge successful sequel. Who wouldn’t want to see how Rory turns out to be a mother and how Lorelai turns out to be a grandmother? We also need answers to Rory’s relationship with Logan.

For real though, would Rory turn out to be a mother just like Lorelai? Would she have a complicated relationship with the father? Honestly, nobody could see Rory having a flailing career. She was always ahead of her game, shown to be smart, one who would have everything in order so much unlike her mother and then the story turned her into her mother. The three generations of Gilmore girls had three very different personalities that often conflicted with each other and that had been the spine of this show. The fans would have loved to see how a young mom, Lorelai, raised her daughter into what she always wanted her to be and what Rory always wanted to be. But then from creator's point of view, it would have been so predictable!

The best part of the story will always be the mother- daughter relationship it revolves around and we would obviously want to see how it evolves when Rory has her own baby. Would Lorelai understand her mother and why Emily Gilmore did what she did as a mother? Would Lorelai want the same for Rory? The end of part 1 has definitely left all the fans curious to find out what angle does the story take in part 2.

In an interview earlier, Amy Sherman-Palladino indicated that there is no obstacle to the story line and that she will make a sequel when everyone has a schedule that fits. She mentioned that she and her husband, have so many great ideas for the story line that they can all put it together if the girls are in the right place to shoot for it. According to, she said, “If that kismet moment presents itself again, we’d do it in a hot second”.

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Lauren Graham, meanwhile is in doing two series right now, while Amy has been busy with her other production, ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’, which is her another hit show! (Tell me you’re watching it too!)

The great thing about making a family sitcom is that it can go on and on. The family series that Gilmore Girls is, Amy can of course keep adding episodes after episodes and seasons after seasons. Unlike those suspense shows where you find out who the devil was and boom, the show is over forever!

The question really is whether do we, GG fans, want to see the show stretched out into another unending series. Because truth be told, the Gilmore Girls finale in 2007, was a perfect ending where Lorelai commits to Luke and Rory’s career takes off and Lorelai finally sees eye to eye with her parents. And let’s not forget the whole town coming together to celebrate the girls. That was the most touching moment when Lorelai’s father, Richard Gilmore, points out to her that this is what she has earned! It was such a winning ending to the series!

And then came the sequel that left the audience with questions that were seemingly never answered. So the real question is, did we ever want that sequel and do we need another now?

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The story line can go on with Rory becoming the mother that Lorelai was and conflicting more with Lorelai, the conflicts, the friendships, the relationships, the business, it can all keep going. So while Amy Sherman- Palladino says that it can happen when the girls come together and that ‘kismet moment’ happens again, we will find out if the sequel is really something the show needs to go on with or if the season finale was the ‘ending’ the viewers needed.

In another news, when UPTV was airing the show, they required Gilmore Girls team to keep their Instagram active. And then they never stopped posting. So the active Instagram page does not, in anyway, imply the return of Gilmore Girls. It is all about the cast being available at the same time to shoot for the show. Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband has plenty story lines to continue the show with!

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