Allow yourself to develop at your own pace. Stop comparing your life to others.


Let Yourself Grow at Your Own Pace. Don't be afraid to do something different from anyone else.

If you're feeling down right now, it's probably because you're comparing your life to those of others and wishing that your life was a little more like theirs. But before you go benchmarking yourself against the lives of others, take a moment to think about what will be best for you in the long run.

Comparing yourself to others can be a quick way to throw a damper on your day, and it's the fastest way to feel inadequate and unaccomplished. Comparing our lives to those around us often makes us think that others live perfectly extraordinary lives while we are stuck in a rut. But here's the problem with comparing ourselves to others: that's all it is — an exercise in futility.

The fact is, when we begin to compare ourselves to others, we're making a lot of assumptions about people's lives that aren't necessarily true. We assume that we know what others' lives are like, and we believe that our perception is an accurate reflection of reality. And really, the only person we can ever truly know is ourselves — and even then, there can be a lot of room for error if we're not looking at things from an objective point of view.

So don't rush the process. Allow yourself to grow at your own pace. Stop comparing your life to others and let yourself follow your path.

However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep an eye on what other people are doing — realize that there's a difference between keeping track of a situation and comparing your life to it.

There's been a lot of talk about comparison recently, especially with the rise in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The idea that social media is conducive to comparisons has been floating around for a while, and the consensus seems to be that it makes it more likely.

And, hey, why shouldn't it? After all, we can't help but be influenced by what we see on sites like Facebook and Twitter. If our friends' lives look fantastic — they're skydiving on one day and ziplining through the rain forest the next — it's easy to start feeling like our own lives are lacking in comparison.

When this happens, it's easy to think that we're not doing enough or that we should have some big life goals already under our belts. We feel pressure to accomplish something life-changing because everyone else has already done it.

But the truth is that other people's lives aren't real — not in the way that you might think they are, at least. They're often nothing more than a carefully crafted image put out there for others to see.

Just because someone's life looks amazing on Facebook or Twitter doesn't mean that their life is. Just because you see a friend doing something unique doesn't mean that the person isn't struggling inside. Just because your loved ones are content with their lives, it doesn't mean that they can't see struggles or problems on the horizon. Everyone has issues — and trying to compare your life to others will only make you more prone to feeling inadequate.

The most important thing you can do is to realize that everyone has problems, so you shouldn't emphasize comparing your situation to that of others. Focus on yourself and your own life for a change.

When you make an effort to focus on yourself, you'll be able to see things for what they are. You'll be able to see your problems for what they indeed are without comparing yourself to others. Suddenly, it will become much easier to see the potential in your own life, and you'll be able to work toward making it a reality.

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