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Irreplaceable Native American heirlooms stolen from car in Denver

Natasha Lovato
An image depicting the regalia within the Jacobs' stolen car.Tocabe, an American Indian Eatery

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(Denver, Colo.) Denver restaurant Tocabe, an American Indian Eatery, announced someone stole a car full of irreplaceable heirlooms. Ben Jacobs, Tocabe's owner and Osage Nation member, said someone stole his mother Jan Jacobs' car from her driveway in Park Hill.

"While the car is replaceable and meaningless, there were many family heirlooms inside the vehicle that are priceless and irreplaceable," he said. 

Jacobs and his mother returned late Monday night after a 12-hour drive home from Oklahoma for the I'n Lon Schka dances. Jacobs said their suitcases were full of traditional Osage clothes and heirlooms in the trunk, many of which had been passed down for generations.
The eagle wing fan within Jan Jacobs' stolen vehicle.Tocabe, an American Indian Eatery

The stolen items include:

  • An eagle wing fan 
  • A pair of beaded women's moccasins 
  • Finger-woven women's belts 
  • A girl's broadcloth ribbon skirt 
  • Two sets of men's leather leggings 
  • Two sets of men's broadcloth ribbon work 
  • A boy's broadcloth suit 
  • A men's horsehair roach and spreader 
  • Two boy's horsehair roaches 
  • Men's moccasins 
  • Boys' moccasins 
  • Beaded bandoliers 
  • And various adornments and jewelry. 

Jacobs said the items were inside vintage brown and baby blue hard-sided suitcases in the car's trunk.
Beaded women's moccasins left within the stolen car.Tocabe, an American Indian Eatery

How can you help?

The Jacobs family asks that anyone in the region keep a lookout for the stolen car, or any of the missing items, hoping the items will be returned safely.

The stolen car is a Navy Blue Honda CRV with Colorado license plate number 988-WET. 

If the car is spotted, please notify the police immediately with the vehicle's location. Notify Tocabe at 720-524-8282 if you spot any missing items.

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