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Tragic Death Inside Chicago's Temporary Migrant Shelter in Woodlawn Sparks Investigation, Heightens Community Tension

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

Residents express opposition to shelter amidst tragedy
Migrants in Chicago crowd into police stations, classrooms, gyms, other temporary shelters, causing concern about potential health effectsPhoto byKafka4prez/flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

A 27-year-old man tragically lost his life inside the City's Temporary Migrant Shelter located in Woodlawn. This untimely death has prompted a thorough death investigation, aiming to uncover the cause of this tragic event. Simultaneously, the presence of the shelter has fueled opposition among Woodlawn residents who harbor concerns about its impact on the community.

Officers responded to the 6400 block of South University Avenue at approximately 6:12 am Saturday morning and discovered an unresponsive 27-year-old man. The individual, who was identified as an asylum-seeker staying at the shelter located in the former Wadsworth Elementary School was reported to have exhibited symptoms such as foaming at the mouth, according to witnesses.

Although the police would not confirm whether the shelter was indeed Wadsworth Elementary or if the man was a migrant, they stated that he was pronounced dead at the scene. In light of the uncertain cause and manner of death, Area One detectives have initiated an investigation. While details regarding the individual's identity and the exact cause of death have not been disclosed, the incident has raised significant questions about the safety and well-being of migrants housed within the temporary shelter.

The Wadsworth shelter has been a subject of contention within the Woodlawn community, with residents expressing criticism towards the city's decision to establish it without their input. Similar pushback has been observed in other neighborhoods, including South Shore, Dunning, and West Lawn, where shelters have also faced opposition from local residents.

Residents of Woodlawn have expressed opposition to the presence of the City's Temporary Migrant Shelter in the closed school at several community meetings. One of the primary concerns is the potential strain on community resources. The sudden establishment of a temporary migrant shelter has led to an increase in the population within Woodlawn, potentially overwhelming local services and infrastructure. These concerns extend to schools, healthcare facilities, transportation, and other essential community resources, which may struggle to meet the needs of both residents and shelter occupants.

Additionally, some residents fear that the presence of a temporary migrant shelter could impact the safety and security of the community. They worry about potential increases in crime rates, as well as the potential for individuals with criminal backgrounds to be housed within the shelter. Such concerns have led to apprehension and unease among community members who prioritize the safety of their neighborhoods.

Their primary opposition however, is that the migrants are being provided with shelter, services and resources that long-term residents who are living in poverty or homeless are not being extended. While the city claims that the money used to support migrants does not impact funds for residents who are in need, those in the neighborhood have expressed skepticism.

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