Illinois Welcomes Disney's Tabled $1 Billion Florida Development With Open Arms

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

Disney's Decision to Cancel Florida Project Spurs Illinois' Enthusiasm for Potential Opportunity

In a surprising turn of events, the state of Illinois expressed a warm welcome to Disney's proposed $1 billion Florida development, despite the recent cancellation of the project by the entertainment giant. The move came amidst ongoing feuds between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, raising questions about the future of the development.

The project, which aimed to establish a new $1 billion campus in Florida, would involve the relocation of approximately 2,000 employees to the state . However, due to the strained relationship between Disney and Governor DeSantis, the company decided to scrap its plans for the development. The cancellation dealt a major blow to Florida's economic prospects and the potential benefits associated with the project.

The feud between Disney and DeSantis has been going on for over a year. Disney's public criticism of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law, which initially prohibited discussions on gender and sexual orientation in schools up to the third grade but was later expanded to affect students up to grade 12, has evolved into a sequence of legal disputes and demonstrations of political influence.

On April 26, Disney initiated legal proceedings against DeSantis and the newly appointed five-member governing board. This action was taken following months of the governor revoking the company's special authority and self governing privileges, including the ability to undertake new constructions without county approval. The lawsuit, which asserts violations of the First Amendment, was filed in federal court. This led to Disney announcing it would no longer construct a billion-dollar office complex. This was a blow to the state as Disney is the largest tax payer in Florida and the new project that would have brought the state 2,000 new jobs.

Moving this project to Illinois could be attractive for Disney's canceled $1 billion Florida project due to several potential benefits and advantages offered by the state. Here are some reasons why Illinois have would be an appealing destination for Disney:

  1. Strategic Location: Illinois is geographically situated in the heart of the United States, providing excellent connectivity and accessibility to various regions. Its central location offers logistical advantages for distribution and transportation, making it an ideal hub for reaching both domestic and international markets.
  2. Skilled Workforce: Illinois boasts a diverse and highly skilled workforce across various industries, including technology, entertainment, and hospitality. The state is home to several world-class universities and educational institutions, ensuring a pipeline of talented individuals who can contribute to Disney's operations and growth.
  3. Economic Incentives: Illinois offers various economic incentives and tax benefits to attract businesses and encourage investments. These incentives may include tax credits, grants, and infrastructure support, which can significantly reduce the costs associated with establishing and operating a large-scale project like Disney's.
  4. Tourism Potential: Illinois is known for its vibrant tourism industry, with popular attractions such as Chicago's renowned museums, theaters, and iconic landmarks. By establishing a presence in Illinois, Disney could tap into the state's thriving tourism market and benefit from the influx of visitors and local residents seeking entertainment experiences.
  5. Cultural Diversity and Arts Scene: Illinois has a rich cultural heritage and a thriving arts scene, particularly in Chicago. This cultural diversity can provide Disney with opportunities to collaborate with local artists, performers, and cultural institutions, enhancing the authenticity and appeal of their offerings.
  6. Collaborative Business Environment: Illinois fosters a collaborative business environment, with strong public-private partnerships and initiatives to support economic development. The state government and local organizations often work closely with companies to facilitate growth, provide resources, and streamline processes, ensuring a supportive ecosystem for business ventures.

As the situation evolves, it remains to be seen whether Disney will explore other opportunities or partnerships in Illinois or elsewhere. For now, the cancellation of the $1 billion Florida development project serves as a reminder of the challenges and complexities involved in major investments and the need for strong partnerships between private enterprises and government entities.

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