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Celebrate National Pickle Day in Chicago With Free Pickles from Potbelly Sandwich Shops

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

If you love pickles, grab your pickle partner and hurry to Potbelly for a free whole signature pickle in honor of National Pickle Day
Chicago style hotdog with all the fixingsBy arnold inuyaki / Arnold Gatilao/flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

There are holidays almost everyone is aware of, such as the winter holidays, Thanksgiving, July 4th and Memorial Day. Then there are those that are more obscure but still fun to celebrate. Today is one of those holidays. It's National Pickle Day.

The first recorded date this holiday was observed was 1949, held with the encouragement of the Pickle Packers Association, who wanted to celebrate the pickle as "one of the world's favorite fermented foods".

Chicago has a long history with pickles. In 1869, Lyman Budlong built an enormous 700 acre farm and processing plant in what is now Budlong Woods, a part of the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. The Budlong Pickle Factory was advertised as the "World's Largest Pickle Farm." Budlong planted other vegetables as well but his biggest money crop was cucumbers. He processed them at the farm and soon was the largest supplier of premium pickles in the World. 

In 1893, at the Chicago World’s Fair, H.J. Heinz, known as the pickle king approached attendees offering a free "pickle pin," for anyone who tasted his product. By the end of the fail, over a million people had sampled his pickles.

Chicago's love of pickles has continued until today. Every one here knows you can't make a real Chicago hotdog without two main ingredients. In addition to chopped white onions, mustard, tomatoes, pickled sports peppers, and a dash of celery salt, Chicago Red Hots must have a kosher, dill pickle spear and special Chicago style neon green pickle relish.

Today, Potbelly Sandwich Works, is giving away their signature whole pickle for free to anyone ordering an entrée online or through the Potbelly app. Customers should enter the promo code "pickle" when ordering. The offer can only be redeemed online. Entrée orders include "any sandwich, whole salad, bowl of soup or Pick Your Pair." pot

Along with their pickle promotion, in honor of National Pickle Day, Potbelly encourages people to tag their "pickle partner," or the person they always gives their pickles to, on social media.

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Chicago, IL

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