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Seven People Serving Jail Time in Chicago for Murder Have Convictions Overturned Due to CPD Detective Misconduct

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

Seven people serving decades in jail for murder who claimed that a Chicago detective framed them were released Tuesday
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Seven more people serving time in prison based on claims that Chicago Police Department Detective Reynaldo Guevara framed them, had their convictions vacated Tuesday. All but two of them had served their complete sentence. In total, these seven had spent 174 years in jail for crimes they claimed they didn't commit. Another individual had their case postponed with the judged asking for an additional hearing next week. Three others are expected to have their cases considered in the coming weeks.

This brings the number of people whose convictions were overturned based on Guevara's misconduct to 36, with over 70 claiming for years that they'd been framed by the detective. Thirty-six people have now had their convictions vacated based on Guevara’s misconduct so far. In one case, the judge said his n

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx stated that she supported throwing out the convictions because after years spent reviewing the allegations that Guevara had framed murder suspects the evidence that serious misconduct had occurred was apparent.

"We no longer believe in the validity of these convictions or the credibility of the evidence of these convictions," Foxx said. She added that the reversal of this many murder convictions in a single day was "unprecedented."

The disgraced CPD detective stands accused of coercing suspects into false confessions and manufacturing and manipulating evidence. In one case, Guevara said he'd received an anonymous tip naming an individual as the shooter in the murder. However, the witnesses who were children, stated that the shooter had a teardrop tattoo under one eye. The man accused did not have such a tattoo but the children identified him as the shooter anyway. One later said that Guevara came to their house showed them a photo of the suspect and said that he was the murderer, before they were asked to identify anyone.

Guevara has, to date, never been charged with a crime however Foxx said she is considering possible charges against the detective. Guevara retired in 2005 and was given both a city police pension and a Chicago Park District pension.

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