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Two Chicago Area Universities Named on Ten Most Expensive Colleges in America List

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

Northwestern University and the University of Chicago are included on the most recent Ten Most Expensive Colleges in America
One of the buildings at the University of Chicago, recently ranked as one of the top 10 most expensive universities in the U.S.Wikimedia Commons

It's not unusual for families sending a child to college to lament the tuition fees required to attend. While some are more expensive than others, almost all four year colleges and universities raise their rates each year leading to financial hardship for many families.

In the 2021-2022 school year, the average cost to attend a public university in state was estimated at $10,388 while the average price for out of state tuition for public colleges was $22,698. The average cost to attend a private university in the U.S. was estimated at $38,185. This was the cost for a single year, so a four year degree would cost more than four times those amounts with the various increases that normally occur each year.

The National Center for Education Statistics has released their report of the 50 most expensive four year education institutions in the U.S. According to their finding two Chicago area universities were ranked in the top ten.

Northwestern University

Coming in at #8 was Northwestern University, a private university located in Evanston, Illinois, slightly north of Chicago. The cost to attend the school is $76,317 per year. Northwestern is a leading U.S. research university, that prides itself on having an interdisciplinary focus across the university.  

Although this is an expensive university, 21 percent class of 2025 receives funding through Pell Grants and an additional 61 percent receives another form of financial aid. While it only has a 7 percent acceptance rate, more than 95 percent of the graduates are employed or pursuing further career development education or training within six months of graduating.

The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago, another private research university located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, ranked #9 on the list of most expensive U.S. colleges. According to information published with the list, the cost to attend this school for one year is $76,302.

The University of Chicago is consistently ranked as one of the world's best universities, and is credited with 92 Nobel Prize winners, 25 Pulitzer Prize winners, 52 MacArthur "Genius" Grant winners, and more than 275 recipients of Guggenheim fellowships.

The acceptance rate for this school is 7 percent. Thirty nine percent of all full-time undergraduate students receive some kind of financial aid, with the average award reported as $54,183.

Other Ranked Institutions

Other colleges included on the list were the University of Pennsylvania, costing $76,826 yearly, Amherst College, costing $76,800 yearly and Dartmouth College costing $76,480 per year. Coming in at #1, Harvey Mudd College located in California, is the countries most expensive university, priced at $77,339 yearly.

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