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Two Chicago Jefferson Park Neighborhood Businesses Send Aid to Ukraine

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

A Jefferson Park bakery and gift shop are producing special items to help support those suffering from continued Russian warfare in the Ukraine

Since Russia invaded the Ukraine, people and organizations all over the world have been coming up with ways to help the people in the war stricken country. For example, people are making Airbnb reservations in the Ukraine though they have no intention of going as a way of sending money to homeowners. Airbnb is also waiving all fees for guests and hosts in the Ukraine for the time being. T-Mobile, Verizon and Several phone carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile and others have decreased or waived charges for calls made to Ukraine. Some phone carriers have also included local calls made within the country in plans with lower or eliminated charges.

In Jefferson Park, a neighborhood in Chicago, two businesses are creating products with proceeds from sales going to the Ukraine. Delightful Pastries a local bakery located at 5927 W Lawrence Ave, is selling cookies frosted in blue and yellow representing the Ukraine. They have announced that half of all proceeds from the sale of these cookies will be sent to the war torn country to help people who are suffering due to the Russian invasion.

Proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross and World Central Kitchen. They are also asking people to bring in supplies that can be shipped to the Ukraine like flashlights, gloves, sleeping bags, bandages, and boots. Saint Peter and Saint Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church has volunteered to ship all donated items to the Ukraine. The fundraiser will continue for the rest of the month.

Bakery owner, Dobra Bielinski, said "If we just close our eyes and say it will sort itself out, that's a very bad way to take it. We have to step up to the plate. We have to be the torchlight for democracy. We have to be a torchlight for kindness, and we have to be a torchlight for helping people out. I think that's where America belongs."

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Christina Parker, owner of The Made Shop gift store which is located at 4440 N. Milwaukee Ave, has begun creating t-shirts and tote bags in blue and yellow, decorated with a heart above the word, “Ukraine.” She’s selling them as part of a fundraiser started creating as her way to cope with the heartbreak and destruction she's been watching in videos coming out of Ukraine. Parker is making t-shirts and tote bags in blue and yellow colors that have a heart above the word "Ukraine." She's selling them as a fundraiser with proceeds going to a Ukrainian children’s charity called

Parker said, "It feels good. I came in early to make them today and I was super excited when I get to make a change or do something, help with something.”

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Jefferson park is located on the Northwest side of Chicago, on the border of the city. The neighborhood continues to live up to its nickname, “Gateway to Chicago,” with about a quarter of the residents being immigrants or first generation Americans. People who have settled there include a large number of Eastern Europeans, predominantly Polish-Americans and Polish immigrants.

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