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Despite my readers advising me against it, I visited Chicago for the first time. This is my experience

Narda Maren
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A few months ago I published an article about Chicago City, highlighting that I would visit it for the first time.

This is the article: Visiting Chicago for the first time—What to know and where to go.

Unfortunately, most of the comments were negative: “That city is hazardous”, “They can kill you”, and “Possibly they will rob you”.

Well, last April, I had the great opportunity to travel to the Windy City and get to know it a little. In four days, which was my stay in the city, it is not possible to know its 607.4 km².

Although Chicago is not a very big city, it does have many places that are attractive to tourists, so, as a visitor who does not know the city and given the warning of the readers, I only focused on knowing the center of the city. and its main tourist attractions.

My opinion? As a Hispanic woman who loves to explore cities, I can say that, so far, Chicago is the city that I have liked the most in the United States.

I reiterate, as a tourist, do not visit the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city, or those considered dangerous, so perhaps my opinion is a bit biased, although I have been to other large cities and I have known it in the same way (without going to dangerous places).

It should be noted that, at all times, my best friend and I traveled by bus, train, or preferred to walk, and we never felt insecure, on the contrary, we thought that we were received in a city with friendly people, exceptionally clean and full of culture.

In this article, my intention is not to detail what is lived in Chicago (I will do that in another publication) but to let you see that human beings do not usually appreciate what we have in our hands.

In conclusion, The Windy City is a metropolis that all Americans and foreigners who set foot in the United States must know.

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