A life with small purposes allows us to live with emotion

Narda Maren

Simple actions you can do for your path to happiness

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Every step we take was thought of before, yes, even if it was very quickly in our subconscious. So if we plan how we want our year, our work week, or our dinner to be, why don’t we plan to be happy?

True, there is no key nor a manual to be happy, but there are actions that we can do that bring us closer to feeling much better.

1. Renew your life

No, I am not saying to pack your bags and move to Switzerland, only make new things in your daily routine.

Doing new things helps us keep the brain active, thus avoiding boredom.
If you like to sing, why don’t you take singing lessons? This is how you surprise your friends and, above all, yourself.

You like to enjoy exotic food, try to visit a foreign food restaurant at least once a month. Do you want to know new places? Then start by going to those places you don’t know yet in your country.

We often like to sabotage ourselves and find a thousand excuses to do things, but if you really want something and know you can do it, the excuses disappear.

2. Get more rest

We live in a society that is going faster and faster. Take a break, rest.

Try to go to sleep earlier, at least an hour before bedtime, do not use anything electronic, zero cell phones, zero televisions, better read a book accompanied by a cup of tea.

Also, take at least 10 minutes every hour of your day and breathe. Do something you like to do in those 10 minutes, whether listening to a song that relaxes you or reading a few pages of an inspiring book.

3. Wake up early

Continuing with point number two, we are not contradicting ourselves. If you go to bed earlier and rest, you will wake up earlier.

It’s so satisfying to be able to calmly enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before you start getting ready for work.

You may have time to do 20 minutes of yoga or your favorite exercise. The idea is that when you wake up, you don’t start a race with time, but you can take your time to enjoy every moment.

4. Better organize your home and office

Did you know that clutter stresses? Very anxious people rarely put something they took in the place assigned for it, but when we want to get that “something,” we never find it, which stresses us more.

So start getting organized. You will see that when your spaces are more orderly, you will feel your life also more orderly and calm.

5. Go back to being a child

Dance, sing, investigate, ask questions. Be curious like a child again.

Children are happy because they are not afraid to appear naive, but adults prefer to pretend rather than enjoy.

Connecting with your inner child is the best way to renew yourself, and you can do each day differently.

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