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Don’t Look Up!” — 6 Personal Lessons You Should Learn From the Movie

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To end 2021, Netflix released: “Don’t Look Up!” A film expected by many, with an excellent cast of actors and a theme that seemed to be one more cliché.

In 2 hours and 18 minutes, the film traps us in a plot full of satire and sarcasm. Although it is based on “science fiction,” the scenes show a panorama very similar to the one we are experiencing today, portraying the lousy behavior of our leaders and citizens.

But in this article, we will not talk about the production or script of the film, but what we can learn from it.

Anyway, spoiler alert below.

1. Humans love disaster movies, but what if total disaster looms?

Unfortunately, we cannot see this scenario as something future. Disasters that endanger the human race and the planet are already present.

Global warming is one of them, something that we have been living for years, but which apparently few people have become aware of.

Ordinary citizens can help stop polluting the planet with simple things like recycling, avoiding products that damage the environment, or not throwing garbage on the street.

But it would be difficult for powerful companies to stop harming since they would lose what matters most to them, money. This is only possible if human beings become aware of it today.

Covid-19 is another problem that we have been fighting for almost two years. Still, as shown in the movie, the world is divided between those who take care themself and others and those who still do not believe that the Covid-19 exists or think that everything is part of a conspiracy.

On issues as serious as these, humanity remains divided. We are in time to become aware of our actions and thus improve our environment and ourselves.

2. Money and power are still a priority

We are in XXI, and we have not yet learned to give value to what really has it. I’m not saying money is wrong, but being greedy and overly ambitious corrupts; prevents you from seeing the things that are worth living for.

We do not have control of the excess of power and greed of the large multinationals and industries; however, as consumers, we give them the authority to continue doing with the world what they want.

I know it is difficult not to adapt to the reality we have and “necessarily” consume products or services from those companies that damage the environment and influence our environment and behavior.

Companies that prioritize money and power over safety and quality of life know well the damage but prefer to ignore it or carry out environmental awareness campaigns, which could minimize what they are doing.

Even so, as individuals, we do have the power to choose a healthier life criterion, whether it is balancing work (money) with family or not turning our back on small things with which we can contribute.

3. Social networks are manipulating us

It’s amazing how what the movie portrays is so real in that sense. Perhaps unconsciously, people want to escape from an unpleasant reality and immerse themselves in this world.

We can highlight several aspects of this:

  • People care more about what happens in show business and entertainment (gossip) than the real problems.
  • Any stupid or banal content can go viral, distracting society from hundreds of things they can do for their personal development, and therefore the betterment of society.
  • Human sensitivity has diminished. It is incredible how thousands of memes can be made from a person’s tragedy, regardless of whether it affects their feelings or social environment.
  • People perform competitions, challenges, or trends on social networks stand out. Why is this obsession with attracting attention with things that do not benefit anyone?

Nobody forces us to use social networks. I use them, and no one asked me to have Instagram, Twitter, or Tick-Tock.

Nevertheless, that I use them does not mean that I am not aware of the damage they can cause, since human beings like to feel that they belong somewhere, and these digital media give us thousands of options for this, which, tragically, are not always good.

Social networks and Social Networks are fantastic if we make good use of them.

4. People look for how to get out of reality

In the same order as the previous point, in the story, we can see how people somehow elude the reality in which they find themselves.
Either using the world of entertainment to “distract yourself” from your daily life or using drugs, whether legal or illegal.

It seems as if mentally, we cannot cope with the rhythm of life that we lead, but that, nevertheless, we choose to live.

Although it may seem impossible in some cases, it is always possible to change one to a better way of life if you decide to do so.

5. We are inside a manipulation show

In the movie, we can see it when the population divides in two; one in favor of the destruction of the asteroid and another that denies that there is an asteroid or that, if it exists, it causes harm.

Part of the population is convinced that it is better to take risks and take economic advantage of the asteroid (since it will supposedly generate more jobs) than to prevent it from destroying them all (They simply decide Don’t Look Up!)

You can see how both groups begin to do concerts, trends in social networks, support groups for one cause or the other.

It becomes a circus show where everyone, in one way or another, allows themselves to be manipulated, be it by the government, astrologers, or simply by the artist they are fans of.

Where is the thinking being that you are and have its ideology? You have a brain and the discernment to think and analyze before pursuing anything they want to instill in you.

6. The real danger is not the asteroid but the human race

For me, this is the central and saddest aspect of the film. Whether another pandemic hits the planet or a disproportionately-sized asteroid looms, the real danger is us, humans.

Humans, who exist for thousands of years and still do not understand that planet earth is our home, and it is our responsibility and obligation to take care of it.

That we have not understood that power without health is worthless. Or that money without having loved ones by our side does not serve us at all.

We keep making selfish decisions and allowing leaders to make meaningful but stupid decisions. With small actions, we can make a significant change. Do not hesitate!

The movie shows us many more truths, but it teaches us that we can contribute positive things and stop adding more filth to our surroundings.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”
Martin Luther.

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