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Narda Maren
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Several years ago, I said that I would not make any more resolutions lists for the new year, maybe because I got frustrated when I didn't achieve one of the goals. But yesterday I decided to do one, not very long, just some things that I know I can do, but I could not achieve them due to lack of self-motivation.

When I finished the shortlist, I thought I was missing something fundamental. I missed putting first, BE HAPPY!

At the end of the list, I got nostalgic thinking that 2021 had passed and I had not achieved anything that I wanted, but I quickly meditated and said to myself, is that really true? Perhaps I had not completed what I wanted to do, but I accomplished other significant ones.

A prominent example of this is that I began to write, and amazing people started following me; I mostly do not know who they are. Still, they have left me messages that make me feel grateful for this new passion that I am exploring, which was always there, but I didn't notice.

I received a lot of criticism, which perhaps bothered me at the time, but helped me improve. I had my first HATERS (Yessss), and I remember celebrating that because it means I made an impact.

So, in addition to being grateful for being healthy, having my family and friends by my side, and having a job, I am also thankful to you because you take the time to follow me. After all, without any commitment, you read what I write. After all, you trust that you can get something good out of it.

For you reader, I wish 2022 to be a year in which you learn to value everything you have, no matter how small. Stop complaining about nonsense and vanities, and learn to see and enjoy all the good things in your life.

So without giving more details, just thank you!

Narda Maren.

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