Why do we destroy our dreams? Meditation in a coffee shop about self-sabotage

Narda Maren

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Recently I was having coffee with some friends from work. We were in a lovely establishment, with a charming and comfortable atmosphere. As we chatted, I said to my friends, how great would it be to own a place like this, and I immediately said, but that's impossible.

My friends continued talking about everyday situations: how this year has gone, how the pandemic affected them, and anecdotes from their children. But I kept thinking about what I had said about having a business like the one we were meeting and how I immediately declared it impossible.

I also began to analyze why none of my colleagues contradicted me when I said it was impossible.

Are we so accustomed to dreams, goals, and challenges being done by others and not by us?

Don't sabotage yourself

I kept talking and laughing with my friends, but I continued analyzing what I had done, sabotaged myself. Can't I run a business? Of course, I can do it. If I can work efficiently for others, I could very well do it for myself.

My friends and I have worked supervising personnel, managing establishments, buying merchandise, and product sales; we have gained enough experience to have our own space, but fear stops people.

It is easier to have a stable job, a monthly salary, health insurance, sales bonuses, and many other benefits that being an employee offers you, but what if you risk dreaming and achieving all the benefits of being your boss?

With discipline, you can do it!

Those who achieved their goals were also afraid

Those who decided to have their own doctor's office, a gift shop, a private consultant, or a restaurant were also afraid. They also doubted at the time, but they did not allow that fear to stop them.

Those winners focused on one goal, achieved it, and continued working every day so that what they achieved continued to improve.

No, it is not easy. It takes money, effort, it takes many things, but the first and most important thing you need is to believe in yourself. Please do not doubt that you can do it.

Start step by step, planning and shaping your dream until it becomes a reality.

Sometimes the need makes you do what you thought was impossible

That job security prevents us from seeing the potential we have. Many of those now successful people did it because they had nothing.

They started from scratch because they had no choice, and only with their effort, the desire to move forward, and the universe's help, they managed to achieve what you think you cannot do…

Or maybe yes. You do have the potential to do so!

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