"Texas", the king in agricultural, fuel, and also the king of cryptocurrencies

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Positive impact on the market with the change from Facebook to Metaverse

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The state of Texas had a rise in the cryptocurrency business when China decided last September to ban its use to prevent capital flight. China, closing to trade with this digital currency, caused the Cryptocurrency market to falter at that time; however, one market closes, another expands.

"We decided to move once and for all and forever. We will not return. _ " Kevin Pan, CEO of Chinese cryptocurrency mining company Poolin.

As he informed to BBC, companies like Pollin quickly migrated to Texas as it has low regulations to set up new companies, and most importantly for digital currency mining, low cost of electricity. Additionally, Greg Abbott, governor of this state, fully supports cryptocurrency negotiations.

"It's happening! Texas will be the leader in cryptocurrencies," _Greg Abbott ported via Twitter last June.

Contribution to the Texan economy

Cointelegraph, a Website specialized in Cryptocurrencies, recently published that Texas is the place of origin of The North Texas Blockchain Alliance: An organization whose objective is to support the development of blockchain technologies and organization for related events in the North Texas region.

Two of the leading Bitcoin companies (Bitdeer and Riot Blockchain) are operating in the Texas city of Rockdale. Although many of its residents do not understand the business of digital currencies, what they care about is bringing prosperity to the town.

"It's bringing in business and jobs. That's what I like. I'm not really into crypto yet. I don't know much about all that, but I know that many people have jobs. A lot of friends of mine, clients of mine, work. there. "_ Chris Miles, Community Hair Stylist. Euronews.

Cryptocurrency, known for its volatility, has been rising in recent weeks, first with comments and positive actions from the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Recently, with the announcement of the change of the company from Facebook to Metaverse.

Metaverse, a virtual world in which users will be able to buy, sell, and live a parallel digital life, and how would it be marketed in this virtual world? Of course, with Cryptocurrency.

The announcement of Metaverserse

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Metaverserse not only caused all social media users to turn their sights back to Facebook, but many of the cryptocurrencies had a considerable rise.

Metaverserse is that shared virtual space that is created when the physical and virtual worlds converge with each other. The potential of Metaverserse is enormous, being able to become a new source of the economy worldwide.

And of course, the countries and states that are in the lead with the development of Cryptocurrency will be the first to benefit from this new virtual world.

Although criticized by many, Cryptocurrency seems to continue its course, emerging as one of the leading businesses of the very near future.

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