Five Most Feared Outlaw Gangs Wild West

The Five Most Infamous Wild West Gangs The Wild Bunch In 1899 this gang led by Butch Cassidy robbed a Union Pacific train near Wilcox, Wyoming. Using stolen napkins as masks, the crew got away with $60,000. The Dalton Gang Bill, Emmett Bob, and Grat Dalton’s violent crime spree ended abruptly in the attempted bank robbery in Coffeyville, KS. Where Bob and Grat were shot dead, and Emmett was captured. Bill escaped and started a new gang with Bill Doolin. The James Younger Gang Frank and Jesse James, along with Cole, Jim, John, and Bob Younger, were the most feared and wanted outlaws whose crimes spanned 11 states and nearly a decade. Lincoln County Regulators Was a New Mexico Deputized Posse that made Billy the Kid famous, originated to avenge the murder of British Rancher John Tunstall. The Cowboys These criminals from Cochise County, Arizona, were the most violent and feared gang terrorizing the region, stealing cattle, and robbing stagecoaches. They infamously lost the shoot-ou

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