Man finds old school in densely wooded area

You could drive right past it and not even know it was there. But, for the eagle-eyed observer you can still catch a glimpse of the Omen school about 40 feet from the road in the dense woods. Russ walks the remnants of the school which served kids grades 1-12 for a few brief years. Built as part of the Works Progress Administration effort, Omen opened its doors to students in 1939. But as the population declined in the area, students were integrated into the nearby town of Arp just 4 years later. For a short period of time, the building was then used for community and sporting events. Now, it sits silent with only an occasional visitor. Stepping up through what was the main doors, you can still see the beams from the gymnasium roof and a light fixture still in place. LOCATION: Omen, TX (32.2174060, -95.1028517)

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