UFC Welterweight title rematch between Kamaru Usman & Colby Covington officially set for November

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UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman landing vicious punch on #1 contender Colby CovingtonZuffa & UFC/Getty Images

Hello and Good morning everyone.

Got some more big news in the MMA/UFC world for you

It was reported earlier that the Welterweight rematch and showdown between the Champion Kamaru Usman and the #1 ranked contender Colby Covington is set and the deal has been made.

The fight will be taking place on the UFC 268 card which will be in November but no specific date has been named and no specific venue has been made official but as of this moment the plan is for it to be the yearly UFC in MSG event like the past PPV events in November since MMA was made legal in New York.

If you have not watched the first fight between Usman and Covington that took place on UFC 245, I HIGHLY recommend you take the time to find it online and watch it. Of course after reading this article though.

UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman and #1 contender Colby Covington going toe to toe in the middle of the cage on UFC 245Zuffa & UFC/Getty Images

The first fight was a complete barn burner from start to end and these two have nothing but bad blood and animosity towards each other and it showed from the opening bell where they just started throwing nothing but power shots to get the fight going and both fighters went back and forth all night.

Even had a bit of controversy where an apparent eye poke and a groin strike was landed by Colby which paused the action after Colby landed a very nice flurry of strikes which till this day Colby denies any such strikes he landed being illegal.

UFC Welterweight Colby Covington landing a beautiful head kick on Welterweight champion Kamaru UsmanZuffa & UFC/Getty Images

The fight went all the way to round 5 with 50 seconds left in the round where we saw Kamaru Usman get the TKO finish after dropping Covington with a very heavy right hand and followed up with strikes on the ground which resulted in the ref stopping it.

Many watchers including myself even had Colby up in the fight and winning 3 rounds up to that ending.

Both fighters threw a combined 755 total strikes and all of them were considered significant strikes and both landed a combined 318 of them on each other and showed me again why I love this sport so much.

All out WAR!

UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman moments after dropping #1 contender Colby Covington which led to a 5th round TKOZuffa & UFC/Getty Images

Leading up to that ending that fight was, In my opinion, the 2nd greatest Welterweight fight in UFC history behind the Robbie Lawler vs Rory Macdonald fight that happened in 2015 on UFC 189.

And if you haven't seen that fight either then make this a priority to watch both fights back to back while sitting back and relaxing and enjoying some beautiful destruction as Cub Swanson would call it.

UFC Welterweights Robbie Lawler & Rory Macdonald stare each other down during their legendary fight on UFC 189Zuffa & UFC/Getty Images

Since the first fight between Usman and Covington, Kamaru has won 3 fights, one fight against Gilbert Burns which he won by knockout in round 3 which took place in Febuary earlier this year on UFC 258, And the other two fights with Jorge Masvidal which the first he won by unanimous decision on UFC 251 last year and won the second fight with a brutal and devastating right-hand knockout in round 2 just this past April on UFC 261.

UFC Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman landing picture perfect punch on Jorge Masvidal to get the knockout victory on UFC 261Zuffa & UFC/Getty Images

Covington on the other hand has only competed once since the first fight and it was against former Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley where Covington dominated him up to a TKO victory in round 5 which took place in September of last year on a UFC Fight Night event.

Regardless I can NOT freaking wait for this one.

Hope you guys can't either. But like I said if you haven't watched the first fight or the Lawler vs Macdonald fight before please do yourselves a favor and watch it right after this.

As always though, Hope you guys enjoyed

- Sani

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