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The Milwaukee Bucks defeat the Phoenix Suns in Game 4 of the NBA Finals! Full recap

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Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo getting a monster game saving block against Phoenix Suns center Deandre AytonNBA - Getty Images

Coming into this game the Suns lead the series 2 games to 1 and the Bucks won their first game in the last matchup of game 3.

In-game 3 the Bucks were at home as they were here in this game and in both game 3 and this game 4 the Bucks were favored to win by 4.5.

The game gets going and in the first two minutes of the game, both teams score 2 quick buckets each but then for the following 2 and a half minutes the Suns went on an 8 and 0 run from the 9 and a half minute mark on the clock to the 7 and a half minute mark.
Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker attempting layup over Milwaukee Bucks defendersNBA - Getty Images

Right after that run the Bucks went on a run of their own and scored 14 to the suns 6 points between that 7 and a half minute mark on the clock all the way down to just about the last minute of that first quarter.

So the Suns completely fell apart for that second half of that quarter. In the last minute of the quarter Cam Johnson did make a 3 pointer and the Bucks scored 4 points in that last minute and the first quarter came to an end with a score of 23 to 20 with the Suns in the lead by 3 points.
Milwaukee Bucks guard Jrue Holiday being defended by Phoenix Suns forward Jae CrowderNBA - Getty Images

Second-quarter begins and the Suns get the first points with 2 quick free throws by Torrey Craig then for the next 3 minutes both teams just went bucket for bucket and score 9 points each.

But then from the 8-minute mark on the clock to the 5 and a half minute mark on the clock, the Bucks once again went on a run-scoring 8 straight points where the Suns scored none. Then for the last 5 minutes of that first half, the Suns outscored the Bucks 19 to 15 which eventually brought them back after that Bucks run and tied up the game going into halftime with the score of 52-52.
Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo & Phoenix Suns guard Devin BookerNBA - Getty Images

Going into the second half Jae Crowder gets the 3rd quarter going with a quick 3 pointer followed by a made 2 pointer by Booker had the Suns go on a quick 5-0 run in the first two and a half minutes of the quarter which was when the Bucks made their first bucket of the quarter off a fadeaway jump shot by Giannis and couldn't score another field goal for almost another 2 minutes.

But then from the halfway mark of the quarter to the end of it we saw the Suns score 21 points to the Bucks 18 but the crazy thing is the majority of that 21 points by the Suns were scored mainly by Devin Booker who completely caught fire and went right into that Mamba mode and the third quarter ends with the score of 82 to 76 with the Suns in the lead by 6 points.
Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker driving by Milwaukee Bucks defendersNBA - Getty Images

Fourth quarter begins and Cam Johnson makes a quick 3 pointer to get the first points for the Suns and then Pat Connaughton made a 3 pointer himself for the Bucks.

Right under the 11-minute mark of the quarter, we saw Devin Booker pick up a crucial foul which gave him 5 with almost a whole quarter to go, and Devin was taken out quickly after ending that 3rd quarter on fire.

For the next full 5 minutes or so both teams had an issue finding a bucket and stayed close to each other and the Bucks scored 11 points to the Suns 10 points.
Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker on the teams bench after getting into foul troubleNBA - Getty Images

At the 6 minute mark of the quarter, the score was 93 to 90 with the Suns still in the lead, and that's where we saw Devin Booker enter the game again with those 5 fouls.

From that 6 minute mark, all the way to the 1-minute mark the Bucks went on an 11 to 6 point run but the most crucial moment was where we saw Devin Booker throw up an ally oop attempt for Deandre Ayton but Giannis being the complete freak of nature he is was able to adjust and turn around in time to jump up and perfectly time a block on that ally oop attempt which would have tied up the game.

Then for the following last minute of the game, we saw the Suns play the foul game and sent the Bucks to the line again and again while missing their shots in between and the Bucks came away with the game 4 win and officially tied the series 2 games apiece.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo getting a monster game saving block against Phoenix Suns center Deandre AytonNBA - Getty Images

This game's ending was VERY intense.

The leading scorers of the game were of course Devin Booker for the Suns scoring 42 points which is now his 2nd game in the finals with over 40 and their second-highest scorer was Jae Crowder with 15 points.

For the Bucks, it was Kris Middleton who also had a 40 point game and did so by making 15 of his 33 shot attempts and Giannis also had a big game ending with 26 points and 14 rebounds giving himself a double-double and were 3 assists away from a triple-double.

Great game and can not wait to see what happens in game 5.

As always, hope you all enjoyed the read!

- Sani

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