Milwaukee Bucks defeat the Phoenix Suns and wins Game 3 of the NBA Finals - Series now 2 - 1 - Full Game Recap

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Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo and guard Jrue Holiday celebrate after made play during Game 3 of NBA FinalsNBA - Getty Images

Coming into this game the Suns had a 2-0 lead in the series after taking the first two games in front of their home crowd but this game the series went to Milwaukee.

The game starts and about a minute into the game Jrue Holiday makes the first basket of the game with a 3 pointer to get things started and it took just about 2 minutes for the Suns to get theirs which came from Deandre Ayton.

For the first 5 minutes of the game both teams stayed even and scored 12 points apiece then for the next few minutes scored a total of 11 points combined and from around the 3 and a half minute mark on the clock to the end of the quarter both teams struggled to score and combined on 9 total points for those last 3 and a half minutes especially the actual last 2 minutes where they didn't score at all.

And the quarter ends with the Suns having a 3 point lead with the score of 28 to 25.
Milwaukee Bucks forward's Giannis Antetokounmpo & PJ Tucker heavily defending Phoenix Suns forward Cam JohnsonNBA - Getty Images

Second-quarter gets underway and just like how the Bucks looked discombobulated in the second quarter of the last game, it was very identical with the Suns here this time around.

In the first minute and a half into the quarter, the Bucks went on a very quick 5 to 2 run but the Suns managed to keep up and from the 10 and a half minute mark on the click to about the 7 minutes 40-second mark on the clock the Suns even went on a quick 10 to 4 run. But from that point all the way to the end of the quarter the Bucks completely blitzed the Suns and went on a 27 to 7 run to end that first half and took a big 15 point lead going into halftime.
Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo driving past Phoenix Suns defender Jae CrowderNBA - Getty Images

Second half starts and the Suns came out scoring the first two bucks of the half and even went on a quick 7 to 3 run in the first 2 minutes of that quarter.

But for the following 6 minutes both teams stayed neck and neck with each other and scored 20 points each which did not help the Suns in their comeback effort attempt and to make it even worse, the discombobulation once again sprouted up for the Suns and in the last 4 minutes of that 3rd quarter the bucks went on a huge 17 to 3 run where Giannis scored 7 of those points himself. The 3rd quarter comes to an end and the Bucks are now up by a big 22 points and Giannis already has 34 with a full quarter left.
Milwaukee Bucks forward Bobby Portis dunking while multiple Suns defenders surround himNBA - Getty Images

The last quarter gets underway and both teams score 3 points each in the first 2 minutes.

then for the following 2 minutes, both teams had difficulty getting anything to go but then from about the 9-minute mark on the clock to all the way to the 3-minute mark on the clock both teams scored an even 14 points each which obviously did completely nothing for the Suns here when trying to get any sort of comeback going.

It's also quick to note that the Suns even took their starters out with a full 5 minutes left in the game.

At that point of the 5-minute mark, the score was 113 to 90 so the Suns were still down by over 20 so it was in a way understandable?

For the last 3 minutes of the game the Suns scored 6 last points and the Bucks scored 5 to follow suit just like how the rest of the game was and the Milwaukee Bucks take game 3 with a big 20 point difference with the score of 120 to 100.
Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo & center Brook Lopez celebrate after a game 3 victory over the Phoenix SunsNBA - Getty Images

I knew it would have to take a complete team effort and that's what happened here and the Bucks had 5 double-digit scorers with 2 of them scoring over 20 which were obviously Giannis with the game-high of 41 points and had 13 rebounds as well to give himself a double double but it was Jrue Holiday who has been playing very well recently but this game he definitely gave the Bucks the points they needed with 21 points and even had 9 assists.

As I said in my last recap video it was Kris Middleton who has been on a cold streak the first 2 games of the series after being one of if not the most consistent scorer on the bucks up to the last game and he finally showed up at least for the first half of this game where he scored 14 in the first half, although he only scored 4 more points for the other 2 quarters it was enough to help the Bucks win.

On the other side for the Suns, although the team did hit the 100 point mark on the scoreboard the team effort just wasn't there and although they also had 5 players scoring in double digits, not one player scored over 20 points here and the closest was CP3 with 19, Crowder and Ayton both had 18 points each.

Quick to note that after Ayton has had some monster double double statlines in the previous games he did not have a double double here and was one rebound off of getting it.

But the MAIN thing to put the microscope on was that Devin Booker only scored 10 points this game and had easily his worst performance in this whole playoff run.
Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo & Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker battling it out in the paintNBA - Getty Images

He only made 3 of his 14 shot attempts shooting at a horrible 21.4% from the field and only got to the free-throw line for 5 shots when he lived there all postseason.

The Bucks came to play and completely froze the Suns in the second quarter and the Suns did not recover in time for the rest of the game.

Things are now officially getting interesting.

Game 4 takes place in Milwaukee again and it will be on Wednesday, July 14th.

We'll see then if the Suns come back as themself or if the Bucks finally figured out how to stop them.

As always, Hope you guys enjoyed the read

- Sani

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