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Phoenix Suns defeat the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of the NBA Finals

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Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker attempting a shot over multiple Milwaukee Bucks defendersNBA - Getty Images

After both teams became champions of their respective conferences we now get to watch the best of the West and the beasts of the East go head to head in this year's NBA Finals.

Few things to note before the recap is this is Chris Paul's first-ever NBA Finals series of his career, And Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetekumnpo made his return after missing two of the last games in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Hawks.
Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo moments after injuring his knee in Game 4 against the Atlanta HawksNBA - Getty Images

Quarter 1 starts and its a very slow first minute where only one point was scored which was by Giannis at the free-throw line but then for the next 2 minutes both teams shake off that Finals nervousness and start scoring back to back and by the 8-minute mark on the clock, the score was a quick 10 to 8 with the Bucks up by 2.

For the next 4 minutes, the game went back to being pretty slow and both teams scored a combined 6 points.

After the teams start to pick it up again the score was tied at 18 under the 4-minute mark then Bobby Portis made a quick layup to take the lead but then Cameron Payne and Cam Johnson both made back to back 3’s for the Suns which quickly stole the lead right back.

For that last 4 minutes of the quarter both the Bucks and Suns scored another 6 points ending the quarter with a score of 30 - 26 with the Suns up.
Phoenix Suns guard Cam Johnson defending Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis AntetokounmpoNBA - Getty Images

Second-quarter gets underway and they start much faster here and in the first two minutes, both teams score 5 points each both off a 3 pointer and 2 pointer made and by the 8-minute mark on the clock both teams scored a combined 19 points going back to back with no one taking the demanding lead yet.

Also quick to note it took up to this point in the game for CP3 to get his first point in the game after having the game of his life eliminating the Clippers,

Although there's another reason im noting this because this is also where it starts for him as after he makes his first two points at the free-throw line he then makes the next following 4 points himself scoring the Sun's last 6 points in the last minute.
Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul making a jump shot over Milwaukee Bucks defenderNBA - Getty Images

For the next few minutes, the bucks started their own little 7 to 2 run themself to claw their way back a little and managed to tie the game up at 45 apiece but right after that quick run from Milwaukee, the suns go on a 5 point run in just that following minute.

For almost the next 2 minutes neither team scored a bucket then for the actual last 2 minutes of that first half the Suns ended on a quick 7 to 2 run going into halftime with an 8 point lead with a score of 57 - 49.
Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo & Phoenix Suns center Deandre AytonNBA - Getty Images

The second half of the game begins and CP3 gets things going with the first bucket by either team in the first 20 seconds then at the end of that first opening minute we even saw Giannis finally make one of his 3 point shots this post season.

But then the moment that made EVERYONE's heart stop, drop, and roll was at around the 10-minute mark on the clock where Chris Paul shot and made a 3 pointer but came down landing on Brook Lopez’s big goofy feet and CP3 went down and laid there for a brief moment holding his ankle.
Moments after Chris Paul landed on Brook Lopez's foot and spraining his ankleNBA - Getty Images

If you remember this was the exact type of play that took Kawhi Leonard out a few years ago when he was on the Spurs playing the warriors in the playoffs and Zaza Pachulia aka Zaza Pazuzu injured and took Kawhi out of the game and the rest of the series where the Spurs eventually got eliminated.

Regardless, the Moment I saw Chris drop my heart went down with him and I jumped out of my seat and stood there silent to see what happens next,

And luckily it seemed like the NBA Gods had pity on us all and CP3 got up and shook it off and kept the game rolling.


For the next minute there was only one basket scored and that was by Bridges for the Suns but then for the next 3 minutes both teams could not miss and the Suns scored 23 points and the Bucks scored 15 themself so that was a huge combined 38 points scored in 3 minutes, Whoever bet the over on this quarter definitely won.

And going back to how I mentioned it took over a quarter for CP3 to get his first bucket, From that moment up to now he had 27 points and counting. To end the quarter the Bucks went on a quick 7 to 2 run but were down a big 76 to the Sun's 92.
Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker attempting layup over multiple Milwaukee Bucks defendersNBA - Getty Images

The last quarter starts in we only saw 5 combined points scored by both teams in the first two minutes but then for the following 3 minutes we watched the Bucks go on a 15 to 7 run and even brought the Suns to lead down to just 7 at that point.

As we thought maybe the Bucks could come back and make this a game again the Suns put that quick flame out and ended the game on their own 17 to 11 run and they took Game 1 by 13 points with the end score of 118 to 105.

The leading scorers of the game were Kris Middleton for the Bucks with 29 points and for the Suns, it was Chris Paul with 32 points and even made history being only 1 of 3 players that were over 36 years old to score over 30 points in the Finals. Devin Booker also had a great game with 27 points and Deandre Ayton had a monster double-double with 22 points and 19 rebounds.
Phoenix Suns center Deandre AytonNBA - Getty Images

Also quick to note Giannis had a big double-double too with 20 points and 17 rebounds coming off that horrible-looking injury.

Game 2 will be taking place on Thursday, July 8th which is tomorrow.

Hope you guys are able to watch

And as always, Hope you enjoyed the read

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