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Miami Heat President Pat Riley fined $25,000 for alleged tampering

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Miami Heat President Pat Riley celebrates 2012 NBA championship win with former Heat player Lebron JamesNBA - Getty Images

It's been 7 long years since Lebron parted ways with the Miami Heat. In the first season together they made it all the way to the NBA Finals just to ultimately get beaten by Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.

In the following two seasons, the team won back-to-back championships, first one came in 2012 being against an Oklahoma City Thunder team that had Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, & James Harden all before they became the huge stars they are today. The second championship coming against the veteran-filled team of the San Antonio Spurs.

In the next season, they had a finals rematch against the Spurs once again but fell short. Then just like that the Lebron & Miami era was done as Lebron decided he was to go back to his home and team he started his legacy in the Cleveland Cavaliers where he spent the next 4 seasons and even won the franchises first championship against arguably the greatest NBA team in history in the Golden State Warriors who had a record-breaking season where they ended the season with a record of 73 wins and only 9 losses in 2016.

Seven long years since Lebron's first day with Miami he is now on the Los Angeles Lakers which is where he has been since 2018.

As a die-hard Miami Heat fan, those Lebron years were some of the greatest and most entertaining seasons I have ever watched, and think about them every so often.

And it seems I am not the only one.

The President of the Miami Heat Pat Riley was a guest on the Dan Le Batard radio show earlier this week where coming off the elimination of Lebron and the Lakers, Riley was asked about his thoughts on a possible Lebron reunion in South Beach.

Of course, the obvious answer to a question like that would be that they would take James back with open arms. Although in the NBA if you are an official associate of a team you cant make comments like that.

Riley responded in his typical fashion and said "I would leave a nice shiny key under the mat if he were to ever call me and let me know he's coming". After making that statement Riley also stated that he very much doubts that ever coming to fruition and in his own words said "The key is very rusted by now"

Unfortunately, that first remark was all it took for the NBA to get involved and fined Riley $25,000 on grounds of tampering.
Miami Heat President Pat Riley jokes during press conferenceNBA - Getty Images

As we know the NBA has been very strict recently about what teams or staff can or can't say when it comes to other players joining their team, whether it be jokingly or serious the NBA seems to take it all the same.

This will obviously not hurt Pat Riley's wallet but might be something to watch out for when it comes to the lower end staff of other teams.

This is also not the only scenario of alleging tampering this week as Philadelphia 76ers President Daryl Morey was also fined but fined a higher amount than Riley. Morey was fined $75,000 to Rileys $25,000.

Although Morey's comment was much more direct when talking about his team's point guard, Seth Curry's brother Stephen Curry.

Stephen made a post showing some love to his younger brother who has been playing well in the playoffs, all for Morrey to repost with this quick quote "Join 'em"

**Picture Below**
Philadelphia 76ers President Daryl Morrey tweet that resulted in tamperingTwitter

Clearly much more direct than Riley's comment. Funniest part is Morrey tried his best to back track his comment moments after realizing what he just did with a follow up tweet.

**Picture Below**
Philadelphia 76ers President follow up tweetTwitter

Better luck next time Mr Morrey

Hope you guys enjoyed the read


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