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Here's what happens when a kid attends a Phoenix Suns practice

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This is what dreams are made of. A sports-obsessed kid getting to watch the Phoenix Suns practice, fist-bump A-list athletes, interview a few, and even take a few shots of his own.

Here's an article from an 8-year-old fan documenting his memorable experience hanging with the NBA team (watch the video here).

Hi, my name is Zaza and I love all sports. I’m obsessed with the Phoenix Suns, so when they invited me to their practice I was like: “This is going to be the best day of my life!”

And it was.
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The Suns have a new and neat training facility off Camelback Road. It’s a big gymnasium with a whole exercise area. When I walked into practice, the NBA players were running drills... right before my eyes! I could even spot Booker in the distance, along with my other idols: Chris Paul, Ish Wainright, Deandre Ayton and more. I also saw the Coach, Monty Williams.

There were four sets of basketball courts, and the players closest to me were practicing 3-point shots... passing and shooting- just the way I do on my team! And guess what? Every time players walked by, they gave me a fist bump! It was seriously the coolest thing.

After a few fist bumps, one of my dreams came true: getting to interview some players (and now they’re my best buds!!). Here’s some of my Q&A with Josh Okogie.

Me: When you were a kid, who was your favorite athlete?

Josh Okogie: Carmelo Anthony

Me: What do you eat on game day?

Josh Okogie: Breakfast is pancakes, eggs, and turkey bacon. Before the game, I usually eat rice, salmon, and veggies. After games, I load up on pasta.

Me: What were some of your childhood hobbies?

Josh Okogie: I loved jumping on the trampoline and doing all sorts of sports. I also played instruments- the tuba, trumpet, and drums.

Me: What’s the key to going pro?

Josh Okogie: Pro sports are full of ups and downs. The key to success is never giving up and trying your best.

Me: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Josh Okogie: I wanted to be a lawyer, basketball player and engineer. Only one of those worked out, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Me: What are your favorite things to do in Arizona?

Josh Okogie: I enjoy going to Top Golf and hanging outside. Arizona has beautiful mountains.
Photo byNadine Bubeck

To top off my Suns practice experience, I requested a one-on-one game of "Horse." I was challenged to "Pig" instead, and it was a stiff competition. While I was beat by one letter, it was still the game of a lifetime and the happiest memory I’ll have forever. (watch the video here)

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