New Year's resolutions for my 37-year-old self

Nadine Bubeck
Nadine Bubeck

This year, I'm making a resolution to make resolutions. It's hard to get time to myself being a busy mom of three young boys, but I'm proud to say I prioritized the laptop time to jot these down.

Caveat: I hate making resolutions because they often leave me feeling defeated. That is why I’ve put time and thought into creating a bucket list of achievable goals for 2022, and I sincerely hope they resonate with you. Truth be told, we can only be better moms if we better ourselves.

So here it goes: 37 New Year's resolutions for my 37-year-old self.

1. Make New Year's resolutions. (Check!)

2. Let go of things I cannot control.

3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

4. Exercise three times a week (doing something I actually enjoy).

5. Get caught up on picture/baby books. My oldest has a 16x16 photo book documenting every milestone of his year one, and the books have gone downhill from there.

6. Resist the need to be control situations I cannot (or should not) control.

7. Start saying NO. I often overcommit myself and it sometimes backfires.

8. Start saying YES. On the contrary to resolution #7, I sometimes say NO when my answer should be YES.

9. Allocate 30 minutes of me time per week. (Want to join me for a mani/pedi?)

10. Accomplish a new creative project. Creativity keeps me stimulated and is my personal high.

11. Go out of town with my husband (no kids)... even for a night. Because we truly need the escape.

12. Get better at making dinner. I'm no chef, and frankly, I don't really like cooking. However, I'm determined to get a little more meal savvy.

13. Spend one-on-one time with my kids monthly. I aim to evolve our individual bonds and fuel the relationships with each of my boys.

14. Take a risk and dive in on a new idea I have brewing.

15. Forgive easily- both myself and others. I've done wrong and have been wronged. We all have. I want to surrender ill feelings towards myself and towards others who have hurt me.

16. Do good more often. I want to instill in my kids to pay it forward and teach them to give back.

17. Foster my mom friend community. Creating and nurturing a strong girl tribe is important, especially considering these are the families we’re going through life with over the next 18 years.

18. Be a good friend to those I consider family, as family is not always defined by blood. Because without them, I would have no village.

19. Pick up the phone more; talk versus text.

20. Put my phone down more. Yes, I work on my phone, but sometimes find myself scrolling Insta when I should, in fact, digitally detach.

21. Eliminate toxicity without guilt. I'm sure many of you join in having encountered toxicity in your life, and it's a troubling feeling. I don't want negative clouds to damper my state of mind; therefore, I aim to remove myself from situations or relationships that cause me pain or anxiety.

22. Be a better wife. With our crazy, beautiful, busy lives, my relationship with my husband tends to slack low on the totem pole. It's not intentional- the balance is just hard with young kids.

23. Journal with my sons. As they get older, I want them to better document their lives and feelings... I believe in the power of writing.

24. Take every opportunity to travel with my family. My favorite quote: “people don’t take trips; trips take people.”

24. Read a book. Yes, just one book. And I bet it will take me a whole year to get through that single book, but reading is so important.

25. At times of frustration, remember my kids are young. I want to practice being more patient and carefully choosing my words when things get chaotic.

26. Stop eating so much cheese. It's my go to, but I should limit my dairy intake.

27. Take a girl’s trip.

28. Take better care of my skin and moisturize.

29. FaceTime with out-of-town family regularly.

30. Stop caring about things that aren't worth my time or energy.

31. Focus on making memories over monetary things. I value embracing experiences and teaching the kids there’s more to life than physical things.

32. Take a nap or two.

33. Fold the laundry when it's done.

34. Chill on the sanitizer and OCD-ness. I have three boys and need to let them get dirty.

35. Play more music.

36. Count my blessings... every single day.

37. Create daily habits that promote a peaceful, productive, positive atmosphere for my family.

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