Search Resumes After Six months for missing Actor Julian Sands after Hiking Trip

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The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department has remained steadfast in its search for Julian Sands, the esteemed veteran actor who went missing in January while hiking on Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains, just under 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles.
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Efforts to locate Sands involved over 80 dedicated search and rescue volunteers, deputies, and staff who tirelessly combed the nearby wilderness and remote areas across the mountain on Saturday. This extensive operation also utilized the assistance of two helicopters and drone crews. Unfortunately, despite these comprehensive endeavors, 65-year-old Sands remains unaccounted for.

Following his disappearance on January 13, amidst the particularly harsh winter conditions prevailing across the Western United States, the search was temporarily suspended. Since Sands vanished, the San Bernardino sheriffs have conducted a total of eight investigations, accompanied by eight additional operations, all undertaken with the sole purpose of finding him.

Despite the recent improvement in weather conditions, certain mountain portions still need to be made available due to the persistently extreme alpine conditions. Steep terrains and ravines still harbor an excess of 10 feet of ice and snow, posing considerable challenges to the search and rescue teams.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department affirms that Sands' case remains active, and search efforts will continue, albeit in a limited capacity.

Julian Sands, renowned for his remarkable performances in acclaimed films like "The Killing Fields," "A Room with a View," "Warlock," "Arachnophobia," "Boxing Helena," and "Leaving Las Vegas," has also made notable appearances on television in shows such as "24," "Smallville," and "Banshee."

On June 17, the police resumed the search for the missing actor Julian Sands, who was first reported missing on January 13 after failing to return from his hike on Mt. Baldy, California.

In a statement released by the authorities, it was revealed that the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department orchestrated a comprehensive search operation on Saturday involving more than 80 dedicated search and rescue volunteers.

Unfortunately, Sands was not located, and the authorities explained that certain mountain parts remain inaccessible due to the persistently extreme alpine conditions. Despite warmer weather, ravines in some areas are still filled with over 10 feet of snow.

A statement from the sheriff's department emphasized that Mr. Sands' missing person case is still active, and search efforts will continue, albeit with certain limitations. It was further clarified by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department to Fox News Digital that the search remains focused on rescuing Sands and has yet to transition into a recovery mission.

Since January, authorities have conducted eight ground and air searches, amounting to over 500 volunteer hours, in their dedicated efforts to find Sands.

Between late February and March, a series of powerful storms battered the San Bernardino Mountains. The National Weather Service issued its first-ever blizzard warning for the area just before the storms struck.

The mountain communities were buried under nearly 10 feet of snow following the extraordinary weather event. Roads were closed, residents endured days without power, and the sheriffs reported 13 deaths under investigation, although only one fatality was directly attributed to the weather.

Despite the challenges posed by the adverse conditions, Kevin Ryan, a close friend of Sands, expressed hope during a previous interview with Fox News Digital that the actor was resilient and persevering while on Mt. Baldy.

In late January, Ryan stated, "One of the things, as I said, is how advanced Julian is, and he's a smart guy, and I'm remaining hopeful that he's holding out and, you know, surviving." He continued, "I know how strong [he] is, and I know how smart he is and how prepared he is. So, I'm holding out. If anyone can get through this, he can. And that's all I have to rely on right now. So I'm sticking with that and saying a prayer for him."

Julian Sands has left an indelible mark on the film industry with his remarkable performances in renowned movies like "The Killing Fields," "A Room With A View," "Leaving Las Vegas," and "Warlock." Additionally, he has graced the silver screen in "Ocean's 13," "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," "Arachnophobia," "Boxing Helena," and "Medallion."

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