A Group of Degenerate Mafia Syndicates Prepares to Take Over the Metaverse

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Join a mafia clan, do business in the underworld, pay tribute to your boss, gain loot... That's the premise of Syn City, an upcoming Metaverse game eagerly awaited by more than 200,000 gamers.

Syn City is the first-ever play-to-earn game based on the idea of a mafia Metaverse.

Their white paper states:

"With enough Ambition, Power, and Swagger you can sit at the head of a syndicate and help chart the course of the Mafia Metaverse. We are all in a decentralized degen universe. It's good to be bad."

The game is in its early development stage and promises to be a free-to-earn game for anyone who wishes to play it. Heavily anchored in the idea of community, players are encouraged to join a syndicate—a community of people who rally around certain values and ideas about how they wish to approach and dominate the game.

Syn City's free-to-play-to-earn model.Syn City white paper

Choose a syndicate, do business, and start earning

New people can join a syndicate by joining the Syn City Discord server, having a look at what each syndicate puts forward (most of them have their own channel), and checking the #recruitement channel to see the guidelines to join the ones that are actively recruiting.

Syn city will offer many options for players to earn revenue from the game such as participating in a wide range of events, selling their assets directly in the public marketplace, or staking them for additional yield, boosts, and privileges.

The ERC20 token $SYN will be the governance token of the Mafia Metaverse. Staking $SYN will open the door to a range of benefits:

  • $SYN tokens can be staked to acquire synthetic Syn ($sSYN) which can then be used to purchase in-game assets at a 25% discount from the Syn City marketplace.
  • Staking $SYN also allows players to earn additional yield.
  • Players can also stake $SYN to generate $sPOWER and delegate it to their syndicate leader.

The ecosystem will have a wide variety of NFTs that can be purchased from the marketplace representing items like characters, equipment, turf, special licenses, and more.

The project is backed by a solid team of investors. Some of them include the likes of Justin Kan (co-founder of Twitch), Luke Wagman (co-founder of CoinMarketCap), Kieran Warwick (co-founder of Illuvium), and the famous influencer in the crypto-gaming space Alex Becker (co-founder of Neo Tokyo Identity).

The Metaverse game is built using Unity, the industry standard for real-time 2D and 3D cross-platform game development. The game is planned to run on both Mac and PC, as well as Android for mobile. The white paper also mentions the team is working on a browser version of the game as well.

Since the core of the game's premise is based on the idea of mafia syndicates, the Syndicate Protocol will be at the heart of the Syn City ecosystem. Their white paper states:

"This protocol is the layer 3 for everything mafia metaverse, and a framework that acts as the canvas for numerous products. The metaverse is ever-expanding with DeFi products ranging from in-game assets, Marketplaces, Casinos, Farms and Pools, Churches, all the way up to new gaming modules and many more."

Syn City's official token launch

At the time of writing, the community is still waiting for an official date for Syn City's Copper Launch where it will be possible to buy the first batch of $SYN tokens. The launch was planned to take place from January 8 to January 10 but because of the recent instabilities in the overall crypto market, the team has decided to wait for the market to stabilize before launching the project to the public.

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